The Origin Story

Our Story Begins…

Documenting which movies I watch has always been a goal of mine. I have been fascinated with all kinds of films since I was young but many have been lost to the annals of time. Sometime during the fall/winter of 2011 I firmly decided I would document which movies I watched in 2012 and see if I could watch more than 300 in one year.

Why 300? No special reason, just rounding down from 365 (or 366 since this is a leap year!). I figure this gives me some room when I cannot or do not want to watch a movie but also won’t make me watch many more movies than I really would intend to.

Obviously, as of this writing, the year is already two full months past but that’s OK. I will go back and cover what I have already watched and be diligent updating from here on out. I plan on writing a short “thoughts” post on all the movies I watch and maybe write about some other things I think would be interesting.

Thanks for reading!


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