Black Hawk Down (1/18/12)

Black Hawk DownMovie Nine

I was in the mood for some action when I put in Black Hawk Down and on that front it did not disappoint. Based on a true story, Black Hawk Down is kind of a mixed bag of emotions. You are laughing with, fearing for, hurting, hoping, and sweating along with the soldiers.

My main problem with the film is the cast. I don’t mean I think they picked the wrong people for the roles, there are just too many people to keep track of. Some characters were getting shot and I was asking myself “who was that?”. This is further compounded by several of the guys looking alike once they are in full gear and have dirt all over their faces.

Since this is a true(ish) story, you really do feel for the characters since you know things aren’t going to end well for all of them. Oddly, there is a goofball character played by Ewan McGregor that I pegged as the obvious choice for the first to die and he is not. That is the problem with ensemble casts, unless all the characters are vastly different they don’t get their backstory revealed or their personality doesn’t come through fully.

Still, as far as war movies go it is a wild ride. You know bad things are going to happen and you hope that some good will happen to. We know at least one guy lives because he wrote about it later and had it turned into a book and then the movie we are watching. Coincidentally, I would also recommend the book, which shares the same name. While Black Hawk Down isn’t totally original it is a captivating tale.

I give it 4 Black Hawks down out of 5.


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