Our Idiot Brother (1/10/12)

Our Idiot BrotherMovie Four

Our Idiot Brother is another movie where the title tells you everything you need to know about the premise. As a long-time Paul Rudd fan I had mixed feelings about this movie going in. I had mixed feelings after watching it as well.

Basically, Paul Rudd plays a loveable idiot who is the brother to three completely unlikable girls who treat him like shit. It’s not even fair to call Rudd an idiot because he’s not, he’s mostly just naive and trusting. After the other characters are introduced the only character I wanted to like was Rudd.

To make things worse, everyone in the movie seems to hate Rudd for no reason. Sure, he has a history of bad decision making but his heart is in the right place. The only guy that seems to “get him” is the guy currently dating Rudd’s ex.

Even though I’m griping on it, everything comes together in the end and the bitchy sisters realize they are terrible people and help their brother out. No real lessons learned or anything, it’s not a real redemption, just a nice ending to a movie.

If you’re a fan of Rudd’s work, stick with just about anything else he’s ever done but Our Idiot Brother is probably worth watching. If you’re not a fan, avoid the movie because he’s the only thing that really works in it.

I give it 3 photoshopped golden retrievers (just look at that cover art) out of 5.


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