The Crow (1/13/12)

The CrowMovie Five

The angsty preteen in me still loves this movie, dammit.

The Crow is a movie that is so very very 90’s that watching it for the first time now may make the movie seem awful and dated. Seeing it again was certainly more kind to the experience, however.

Everyone seems to hold this movie in high regard, and I can’t help but think that is because Brandon Lee died while making this movie. Yes, he gives a great performance but there isn’t a whole lot of range his character. When he’s not screaming he is killing people but he does show his tender side, I suppose.

After being killed alongside his girlfriend he comes back for revenge and is powered by a crow or something. Set that to some rocking industrial 90s soundtrack and you have a movie. Everything works, though. Even as an anti-hero you want Lee to prevail and you want the bad guys to pay.

One odd thing I noticed in my latest viewing was that I thought the movie could have ended about 30 minutes before it actually did. I had forgotten where the real ending was and at a certain point was expecting a band like KMFDM to blast and credits to roll…Only to find about 30 minutes of more movie. To be fair, KMFDM may have blasted at some point during that last 30 minutes.

Hard to call it a classic but as a revenge flick, it does the job. Knowing that Lee died while making the movie was also kind of interesting to see where the filmmakers had to make concessions and use a body double or special effects. The Crow is worth experiencing, but probably not as cool as you thought it was when you were 12.

I give it 3 moody black outfits out of 5.


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4 responses to “The Crow (1/13/12)

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  2. Maybe it was just me but I noticed a lot of similarities to this in The Dark Knight, between the joker-like make up, the dark atmosphere and the way The Crow is always disappearing in the middle of the friendly policeman’s sentences, lol

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