The Artist (2/1/12)

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Academy Award picture of the year, The Artist was a great movie deserving of the accolades it received. “A silent, black and white move in 2011?!” you say? I first thought it was merely a gimmick, but the decision to make the film this way is actually presented is quite clever.

The film centers around a silent film star (Jean Dujardin) as he enters the age of the Talkies. We see him starring as a dashing star of several movies until he comes across a young lady (Bérénice Bejo). Bejo’s character starts as an extra and eventually becomes a huge film star in her own right, in Talkies. This leads to Dujardin losing his way in a world of noise until the end of the film, which I won’t spoil.

In our generation I often hear how people don’t like watching black and white movies which I understand to a certain degree. I assume these people would balk at watching a silent movie as well. To try and dissuade these naysayers, I would definitely recommend The Artist, not because of the awards but because it is a genuinely charming film. Though the middle drags a bit, I was smiling for the majority of my time watching it.

It was not my favorite movie of 2011 (more on that very soon) but The Artist was fully enjoyable and I’m looking forward to watching it again. Dog lovers take note – The dog in this movie is amazing. If you thought Eddie from TV’s Frasier was great, you haven’t seen anything.

Interesting note about The Artist, though it is obviously black and white, it was shot in color and made black and white in post-production. I assume this is due to the cost of black and white film versus color film, but I thought it was a bit curious.

I give it 5 Jack Russel terriers out of 5.


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