Iron Giant (2/7/12)

Iron GiantMovie Twenty Six

Oh, Iron Giant…You are so soul-crusingly sad yet so amazing. If you’ve ever seen a movie with a boy and his faithful companion, you know you’re in for an emotional roller coaster ride.

Iron Giant is the tale of a loveable lonely kid and his big giant robot friend. The boy must keep Giant hidden from the paranoid military-type-guy. Of course a kid can’t keep a 50 foot tall robot secret for long, and we learn the origins of the giant. The film takes place in the 50s which fits the story and setting perfectly.

There is always a bit of a dilemma with calling a movie like Iron Giant a “kids movie” even though the target audience seems to be younger kids. Movies like this do tend to have a meaningful, lasting message that is good for kids to learn but when its a tearjerker it might outweigh the good things. At least there are no terrifying parts.

As a man in my late 20s I take no shame in saying that Iron Giant chokes me up every time I watch it. I’m guaranteed to choke up at movies with animals that have sad/happy endings and even though he is huge and metallic, he’s is not much different than a dog.

Iron Giant is great for kids and grown up kids. The animation is exquisite even by the high standards that CGI movies have raised. It’s led by Brad BIrd, who went on to be a Pixar superstar with films Ratatouille and The Incredibles under his belt and Iron Giant stands toe to toe with all of them.

I give it 4 Supermans of out 5.


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