Le Silence De La Mer (2/6/12)

Le Silence De La MerMovie Twenty Four

Le Silence De La Mer instantly became one of my favorite movies of all-time after watching it. Jean-Pierre Melville, though I have not seen all his work, is rapidly becoming one of my favorite directors of all-time as well.

I took a chance on Le Silence De La Mer based on the Blu-Ray.com review. The Eureka! Masters of Cinema series has intrigued me for several months; It is essentially the UK equivalent of the Criterion Collection. Unfortunately, many Eureka! releases are region locked for region B so I was unable to watch them without shelling out for a new Blu-Ray player. Luckily, Le Silence De La Mer is region free.

After ordering from Amazon UK and waiting patiently, I couldn’t wait to tear into the package. As I said before, Eureka! is like Criterion in that they give the entire set the royal treatment. Included with the set is a huge booklet and there are special features abound. A nice bonus (and something Criterion does NOT do) is having the DVD and Blu-Ray both in one package. The care taken in the film’s restoration is top-notch as well.

As for the film itself, it centers around a French man and woman whose house is being used by a Nazi officer. The officer is incredibly gracious to them and goes on and on about his love of all things French. He believes the Nazis are going to do great things for France. The family, meanwhile, gives him the absolute cold shoulder. They ignore him, they don’t look at him, they go on about their business. This does not deter the officer at all. It is gripping to watch the actors and the outcome of the story is heart-wrenching.

It’s an absolute shame Le Silence De La Mer is not easily available in the US. It is a fantastic film that I would love to watch again. I’m holding out for a Criterion release, which I would buy in an instant. If you have any interest at all, I would recommend importing it from Amazon UK, the price is still very reasonable.

I give this 5 occupied Frances out of 5.


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4 responses to “Le Silence De La Mer (2/6/12)

  1. Melville is under-appreciated.

    I’ve been tempted to order this edition. I’ll probably do so after I watch Army of Shadows.

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