Some Like It Hot (2/5/12)

Some Like It HotMovie Twenty Three

Billy Wilder really had a perfect storm with Some Like It Hot. Marilyn Monroe was white hot while Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon were a perfect complement to each other. I can only imagine the impact this film had when it debuted in the late 50s.

Struggling Chicagoan musicians (Curtis and Lemmon) witness a mob murder and decide to cross-dress for a gig in Florida, hoping to flee the mob as well as get paid. They meet Monroe who is absolutely stunning and fight for her affections while still in drag. Both men take different routes to win her affections, with Curtis posing as a millionaire playboy. Lemmon gets unwanted attention from an actual millionaire playboy.

The antics between the cast are priceless. The closing sequence is one of my favorites ever and watching Monroe on screen is always a treat.There is a reason that Wilder is one of the most revered directors of all time. Even though Some Like It Hot is probably not his best work, it’s always an absolute pleasure to watch.

There are stories of how hard it was to work with Marilyn Monroe, on this set and on others. IMDB trivia page has some stories about these tribulations and reading them shows a few things. One, that Billy Wilder can direct anyone doing anything, apparently. Two, that Monroe was talented, but maybe her ‘other assets’ were more talented. Regardless, the end result is a fantastic movie that, somewhat surprisingly, still holds up amazingly well.

I give it 5 Sugar Kanes out of 5.


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