Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope (2/17/12)

Star Wars: A New HopeMovie Thirty

I think the original Star Wars trilogy should be required watching at some point in every single person’s life. I hope that everyone reading this has seen A New Hope at least once. When the entire Star Wars film catalog was released on Blu-Ray last year I was back to being an excited little kid. I decided to watch the films in order of episode number, starting with the Phantom Menace. The reason for this was wanting to get through the prequel trilogy as quickly as I could.

I savored every single second of A New Hope in amazing high definition. The film looks incredible on Blu-Ray and is still as enjoyable now as it was when I was in elementary school. Many of my fellow Star Wars geeks condemn George Lucas’ alterations to the classic films, but the changes do not bother me, despite how much I love the movies.

There is not much to say about A New Hope that hasn’t been said millions of times before, probably more eloquently than I could hope to do. Even if you skip the prequel trilogy, the original trilogy Blu-Ray set is definitely worth owning. The extra features are bountiful and well worth watching, even for a more casual fan.

Star Wars has helped shape me and has been a large influence on my life and I am not alone in that. There is a magic to the universe that Lucas created and that magic is still every bit as endearing today as it was in 1977.

I give it 5 Figrin D’an and the Modal Nodes out of 5.


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