Terri (2/18/12)

TerriMovie Thirty Two

Terri is a coming of age story about an overweight high school student. There isn’t much to the film other than what’s on the surface but it is fairly enjoyable. It’s the kind of indie drama/comedy we have come to expect; it doesn’t do anything groundbreaking but it’s solid.

The movie takes a snapshot of Terri’s life in a span of a week or two. We find out his uncle is ill and Terri takes care of him, his school life is hard, and he wears pajamas all the time. John C. Reilly plays the vice principal that also tries to help Terri out. The other characters are quirky and I found them all to be unlikeable. Terri eventually befriends a girl, who herself becomes an outcast after a sexual experience during class.

Terri (the character) is quiet but we can often tell what he is thinking and his motivation for doing things. He’s a nice kid that is just trying to get by. I never found anything to be particularly memorable about Terri but it was not a waste of time. If you’re like me and you’re a sucker for indie movies, it may be worth your time.

I give it 3 Creeds out of 5.


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