Limitless (3/4/12)

LimitlessMovie Forty Six

Limitless is a movie I had little to no interest in seeing when it was in theaters. I have a love/hate relationship with Bradley Cooper (he seems like an arrogant prick, but I still like him) and the premise did nothing for me. After deciding to watch it, however, I was pleasantly surprised.

The story in Limitless is about a writer (Cooper) who is down on his luck and runs into his ex-girlfriend’s brother, an apparent drug dealer. The brother gives Cooper a tab of this super secret drug that frees up one’s mind. I mean that in a literal sense, not a “gets you high” sense, though the drug does have common side effects and dependencies. Now that his mind is working at full capacity, Cooper becomes “limitless” and incredibly successful overnight. He tries to conquer the stock market where he meets Robert De Niro who becomes his adversary and employer. Things get a little crazy when more people want their hands on this new drug.

I have a pet peeve with movies that have a fictional element in a realistic setting with little to no information about it. A vague example of this is the dream machine in Inception. We learn about the device eventually but when it first appears it’s completely foreign. The drug in Limitless is kind of like that. It’s not hard to wrap your mind around the concept of this drug but it is never really explained either. We are just expected to accept what it is and what it does and get on with watching the film.

Going into a movie expecting to find it completely derivative and pointless and finishing the movie saying to yourself ‘wow, that was actually pretty cool’ is a feat. The cinematographer has accomplished some really cool lensing, too. Limitless is not without its flaws, however. I found the characters other than Cooper to be poorly executed and the story has some holes. Overall, it is worth watching, especially since it is on Netflix Instant Watch.

I give it 4 infinite zooms out of 5.


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