The Fly [1986] (3/16/12)

The Fly [1986]Movie Fifty One

David Cronenberg’s remake of The Fly is both incredibly engrossing and incredibly gross.

I have never seen Vincent Price’s original version of The Fly but from what I understand, only the basic plot idea survived the trip through Cronenberg’s mind. The Fly is about a scientist named Brundle (Jeff Goldblum) that has unlocked the secrets of teleportation. He meets a reporter (Geena Davis) and shows off his breakthrough discovery, however, the technology only works on nonliving things. After some tweaks and too much alcohol, Brundle decides to test teleporting himself and is met with…Success! Well, sort of. A fly made the trip across the loft with him and as a result their DNA has been fused. This leads to a disgusting transformation into part man, part fly: Brundlefly.

As with other Cronenberg films, the special effects are very organic but also quite revolting. Brundlefly’s transformation is, at times, hard to look at. There is a particular scene that has scarred me for life (spoiler: all I will say is ‘fingernails’).

Regardless of the gore, The Fly is a movie I couldn’t tear my eyes away from. The story is actually fairly believable science-fiction and the morality of the teleportation is an underlying message throughout the film. If you can stay with it through all the gross parts, it is more than just a horror movie.

I give it 4 Particle magazine covers out of 5.

PS – I was one day late in watching this in time for David Cronenberg’s birthday. Happy birthday!


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