Prairie Love (3/17/12) & Family Portrait (3/17/12)

Prairie LoveMovie Fifty Three

Prairie Love is a very odd, very subdued film. Though it takes place in North Dakota, it is nothing like Fargo.

The plot of Prairie Love is about a guy that seems to live in his car. We first see him pulling a frozen dead deer towards his car. As he’s driving he finds a guy that is practically frozen solid but apparently alive. He brings him into the car and thaws him out. While waiting for him to thaw, he goes through the frozen man’s belongings and finds love letters to a female prison inmate. The men are both obviously lonely in the frozen tundra of North Dakota, but the first man decides to do away with the now thawed frozen man and pretend to be him for the female inmate’s affections.

The entire film is extremely slow paced and there are long stretches of silence. There are lots of subtle funny moments and I did chuckle a few times, but the pacing is frustrating. I would either be laughing or falling asleep.

One thing I’d like to mention is Film Movement, where I got Prairie Love from. I found out about the site through Groupon, oddly enough, but the basic premise is they send these independent movies out before their actual release. It’s a neat way for me to stay on top of some movies that I would otherwise have no access to and I recommend checking it out.

I give it 3 awkward nude scenes (sfw) out of 5.

Movie Fifty Three and a Half

Also included on the Prairie Love disc was a short animated film called A Family Portrait.

A Family Portrait is about a family getting their portrait taken but their expressions change based on the conflicts they are enduring. The animation reminded me very much of Ralph Steadman’s work. I quite admire short films since they have to tell an entire story in such a small space, but I enjoyed watching A Family Portrait.

I give it 3 ‘say tofu’s out of 5.


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