The Skin I Live In (3/19/12)

Movie Fifty FiveThe Skin I Live In

I saw The Skin I Live In with very little background as to the story since I knew that would ruin some of the intended effect. I’m very glad the plot wasn’t spoiled and when it was over I was finally able to breath and say “wow”.

I will not go into details about the plot but I will say the film begins with a plastic surgeon (Antonio Banderas) researching a new skin with a patient (Elena Anaya). The plot is a bit like a painting. We see the beautiful finished product first, but then get to see the artist masterfully put each piece together. The plot unravels bit by bit and things make start making sense all the way to conclusion.

Watching Antonio Banderas and Elena Anaya on screen is an absolute treat. Both actors give outstanding performances, Anaya especially. Banderas’ inconsistent film career had me a bit worried at first, but he does a remarkable job in the role. Director Pedro Almodóvar’s work is fairly new to me, but after watching The Skin I Live In I will be watching more. The score intensifies and descends perfectly, creating a tension that rarely ceases and the cinematography is a wonder. It truly is a hauntingly beautiful film.

While The Skin I Live In is certainly not for everyone, those willing to get a bit grossed out may love the film as much as I did. Spanish cinema does not seem to receive very much attention, but films such as this should really push the boundaries.

I give it 5 body suits out of 5.


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9 responses to “The Skin I Live In (3/19/12)

  1. Superb film and like you say, it’s best to go in without any prior knowledge. If my boyfriend had known what it was about he would not have seen it! It’s one of his favourite films from last year. It’s almost faultless; I really enjoyed reading this review – it reminded me just how good the film is!

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  3. I didn’t feel like I understood the doctor any more at the end than in the beginning. It was a superficial trip into the mind of a psycho. I appreciated PA’s style. I was engrossed (and grossed) throughout, but when it was all over I asked, what’s the point? It had shock value but dramatically it didn’t impress me. I actually enjoyed your review more, Andy.

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