Persona (3/19/12)

PersonaMovie Fifty Six

Persona is film by Ingmar Bergman that was strongly recommended to me. It is an intimate minimalistic film that is also quite powerful.

The film opens with footage of a camera projector and seemingly random images but the plot centers around two women, Alma and Elisabet, played by Bibi Andersson and Liv Ullman respectively. Alma is a nurse under the care of Elisabet, who has become mute despite no seemingly medical reason for this. Since Elisabet is mute, Alma talks throughout nearly the entire movie and the more she speaks the more she divulges. The lines between the two women begin to blur as the film progresses.

Both women give great performances though they have completely different roles. Andersson’s performance is especially touching. As with other Bergman films, the cinematography and sets are simple but beautiful. Also like other Bergman films, it most likely requires several viewings to fully understand. I know I had to wait to even write this short review due to my not being sure I could write about what happened with any detail. I’m still not sure I could say exactly what happened in the film but I enjoyed it immensely.

In writing about Persona I am inclined to watch it again. Not only because it is a great film but also because I know it has many secrets left to divulge. This is not a film I would recommend to everybody, it is a slow but deliberate film that deals primarily between the relationship of two women.

I give it 4 boys watching faces out of 5.


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