Red Riding: 1974 (3/20/12)

Red Riding 1974Movie Fifty Seven

The Red Riding Trilogy starts off in 1974 and loosely follows a fictionalized take on real murder cases. I had been interested in watching this for quite some time but was left mostly unimpressed.

Red Riding 1974 follows a reporter, Eddie Dunford (played by Andrew Garfield)  looking for information about missing young girls. As Dunford keeps digging, corruption and other crimes are uncovered and Dunford becomes a target. That is a highly simplified version of the plot, but I found the details hard to follow. There are lots of supporting characters and the timeline of events seemed sketchy to me, I had a hard time understanding exactly what was happening most of the film. I’m not sure if this is a fault on my part or on the film’s.

Originally a UK Channel 4 miniseries, the Red Riding Trilogy has a different director for each film and each film was shot using different techniques. 1974 was shot on 16mm and directed by Julian Jarrod. 1980 was shot on 35mm and directed by James Marsh. Lastly, 1983 was shot digitally and directed by Anand Tucker. The idea was to give each film a truly unique feel, both visually and professionally, while still maintaining an overarching story. I look forward to finishing the trilogy to see what comes of things.

Red Riding 1974 features terrific acting and I was especially impressed with Andrew Garfield. The overall look and feel of the mid 70s is captured quite well. I had a bit of a hard time understanding some of the dialogue but I’m not sure if that’s due to accents, mumbling, lack of Netflix Instant Watch subtitles, or just my own brain. Overall, I would hesitantly recommend watching Red Riding 1974, if only because the trilogy is supposed to be quite good on a whole. If I really like 1980 and 1983 I may go back and watch this again to catch anything I may have missed.

I give it 3 Garfield mutton chops out of 5.


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