Moon (3/23/12) & Whistle (3/23/12)

MoonMovie Sixty

Moon was one of my favorites from 2009. Sam Rockwell is one of the most under appreciated actors of our time and Moon is also a severely overlooked sci-fi gem.

The premise of Moon is farming resources from the surface of the moon. We meet Sam Bell (Sam Rockwell) in a deserted space station. We learn he is all alone with the responsibility to run the station and oversee the harvesters. We also meet the brains of the space station, Gerty 3000 (Kevin Spacey). Anyone who has seen 2001: A Space Odyssey will automatically distrust Gerty, and Spacey has the perfect  soothing voice with something sinister underneath. Sam goes out in a rover and crashes. He wakes up and then goes out to check on a malfunctioning harvester, only to save himself from the crash.

I won’t further spoil any of the plot, but at this point in the film you should remain on the edge of your seat. There is little action to speak of, but the isolation and tension is perfectly captured. Sam Rockwell is such a beast of an actor, and this movie is an amazing testament to that.

Moon is a film I would wholly recommend, and not just to sci-fi fans. The film deals with moral decisions, isolation, abandonment and several other issues that everyone will identify with beyond the sci-fi setting. One fun fact about the movie: the writer/director, Duncan Jones, is the son of David Bowie. Yes, that David Bowie.

I give it 5 smiling Gertys out of 5.

Movie Sixty and a Half

Whistle is a short film that is a special feature on the Blu-Ray (possibly also the DVD) of Moon that was also written and directed by Duncan Jones. Thematically, it shares many things with Moon, but the execution isn’t nearly as taut and mature. It is about a man who uses a special satellite weapon to assassinate people and how he deals with the moral dilemmas surrounding this line of work. As a short film, it works quite well but some things were obviously sacrificed in order to keep it from getting too long. If you own/rent Moon, I would definitely recommend also checking out Whistle.

I give it 3 futuristic assassinations out of 5.


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7 responses to “Moon (3/23/12) & Whistle (3/23/12)

  1. I’m with you that Sam Rockwell is underappreciated. The Green Mile, Galaxy Quest, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, Matchstick Men, Frost/Nixon, Moon, Conviction: will he ever rate an Academy Award nomination?

  2. Knew there was no way Rockwell was getting nominated for this film, but I was still disappointed when the nominations came out that year. Such a great performance. Maybe Rockwell & Gary Oldman should do some Oscar bait movie where they play brothers or something.

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