Troll Hunter (3/23/12)

Troll HunterMovie Sixty One

Troll Hunter, at first glance, seems like just another “found footage” movie made popular by movies like Blair Witch Project. Fortunately, Troll Hunter is one of the few films to pull the genre off well.

The plot of Troll Hunter is most likely exactly what you think it is. A group of college students are filming about some strange bear attacks and then start following a man unknown by the other bear hunters. Turns out the strange ‘bear hunter’ is none other than a troll hunter! I know, it sounds stupid, but the suspension of disbelief is key. The characters don’t believe in trolls, they laugh at the idea of them. There is some believability built into the story that somehow makes the troll mythology more believable than say, ghosts.

The other key piece to what makes Troll Hunter work is the special effects. We are not teased with action that happens off-screen, we meet the trolls quite early on and then proceed to meet several other variety of troll. In addition to being out in the open, the special effects are quite impressive.

Troll Hunter is a really fun ride. If you are a fan of the found footage movies, I promise you will love it. If you are skeptical about the genre, or have been burned by crappy movies, I would give Troll Hunter a try. Also, if the Maelstrom ride at Epcot in Disney World was one of your favorite rides (it was mine growing up) then you should be pleased. There isn’t nearly as much shakycam footage as others and the characters are even more likable than I expected. Still, while it doesn’t break much new ground it’s fun. In the end, isn’t that the most important thing about watching films?

I give it 4 troll cgi out of 5.


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15 responses to “Troll Hunter (3/23/12)

  1. “Troll Hunter” is a fun, well-made movie. The found footage format works well with this story (which is not unlike “The Blair Witch Project” in many ways), though I thought the ending was unnecessary. I have no idea what Chris Columbus will do with his proposed remake, other than do exactly the same thing as the original, except in English. Can he set this same story in the United States?

    • I agree things got a little silly towards the end.
      I don’t think a remake will for one reason: mythology. Norway has a rich troll mythology and the rest of the world doesn’t. Even if the movie is about US college students traveling to Norway (thus, mostly English speaking) it will still lack that.

      • Also, if the remake is done in the same found footage format, the only thing it would serve is to allow the audience to not have to read subtitles. The logical solution is to tell the story in a traditional manner, where we only occasionally glimpse shots through the characters’ hand-held camera.

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  3. I adored this film! I even travelled to the nearest city to see it, as it wasn’t shown here. Well worth the trip! We’ve got it on blu ray now, but haven’t seen it in it’s HD glory. I imagine it’s wonderful though. Really good review, glad you enjoyed it

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