Young Adult (4/2/12)

Young AdultMovie Seventy Two

Young Adult perfectly captures the life of a bitchy high school girl that never grows up. We all grew up around people like her and I’m sure we all wonder what happened to some of them.

What makes Young Adult work as a film is the realism of the characters. Unlike the previous collaboration between writer, Diablo Cody, and director, Jason Reitman,  Juno, the viewer is not beaten to a pulp with “witty” dialog and “quirky” characters. Mavis (Charlize Theron) is not a likeable person, but she feels real.

Mavis is from a small town near Minneapolis Minnesota and was the most popular girl in high school and despite being a selfish person even then, people adored her. She is now a ghost writer for a once popular young adult novella series. She finds out her high school boyfriend (Patrick Wilson)  is having a baby and decides to win him back, not realizing that real life isn’t like high school. She meets Matt (Patton Oswalt) who is pretty much the opposite of Mavis, but the two become friends in drinking.

One thing I really enjoyed about Young Adult is that there are no sappy realizations of truth. Mavis has been and will always be the same person. Movies that are a small slice of someone’s life where they have all these enormous life changing moments never ring true for me, but this does. I think everyone will identify with the characters and you will likely be able to place people you know in the roles.

Young Adult isn’t a terribly exciting movie, but it is smart and funny without overdoing it. As good as Theron’s performance is, Patton Oswalt really stands out. I’ve been a fan of his for many years, and I’m glad to see him in roles like this.

I give it 4 Blu-Ray book covers out of 5.


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15 responses to “Young Adult (4/2/12)

  1. Nice review. I gave it four stars as well. Charlize was stunning. This was a beyond unlikeable bitch who got into increasingly awkward situations and apparently didn’t know about boundaries and yet we couldn’t look away. Oswalt was great too.

  2. I actually thought there was some nice work from Elizabeth Reaser as well, who I see popping up all over the place (TV and films) but never seem to really care for or connect with her. She comes across as a very real woman, just like Theron’s character, and it’s sad to even have to say it, but it’s refreshing to go to a movie where there are two well-written, complex, three-dimensional female characters.

    • Yeah, I quite liked her character and wished she had a bit more so people don’t just know her from Twilight. Diablo Cody gets a lot of hate, but she can certainly write good dialogue and create meaningful characters when she isn’t trying to be so witty.

  3. Theron gives a terrific performance. She elevates the movie by demonstrating her versatility. She almost makes you feel sympathetic towards this blonde, beautiful and sharp-witted anti-heroine. Oswalt deserves consideration for supporting actor as well. Great review Andy.

  4. Great review. I would equal you with Patton. When I reviewed it I said that he was one of the stand outs in the movie. I wish he would have gotten a little more credit from it.

    Charlize – it is amazing that a beautiful woman like her can play ugly so well.

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