The Gate (4/4/12)

The GateMovie Seventy Three

The Gate is one of countless horror movies to come out of the 80s and it’s fairly average in most every sense but also pretty enjoyable.

I don’t think I had never heard of The Gate until Netflix put it in my top 10 recommendations. I thought “wow, this may be a really cool movie” and after watching it I wondered why Netflix thought I would like it so much. Probably my love of C.H.U.D.

The plot of The Gate is really told through the cover art. A meteor hits a tree and opens a gate to hell and the kids living at this house have to stop it. The main character, Glen, is played by a young Stephen Dorff, so that is kind of neat. The special effects are one of the main standouts. Stop-motion animation is a favorite of mine, I’ve always appreciated it. The demons themselves look kind of silly, almost like flesh-colored Greedo from Star Wars, but they look surprisingly good for a movie like this.

I’m sure The Gate was a cash-in for the horror movie craze at the time and while I enjoyed watching it, it falls into so many cliches and predictable elements. You know how the movie is going to end even before you watch it, but I guess that could be said for a lot of horror movies that are still enjoyable. I’d recommend The Gate to horror movie fans, fans of 80s movies, people that wish heavy-metal albums had the power to open/close gates to hell, or people just looking to kill some 90 minutes. The movie also did well enough for a sequel, apparently.

I give it 3 eyes in hands out of 5.

PS – This is some of the fashion you have to look forward to


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  2. I recently watched “The Gate” for the first time (Netflix must be doing a good job of marketing these old movies) and was surprised at how enjoyable it was. It’s not perfect (the opening dream sequence did nothing for the plot other than starting the movie with a “shocking” scene, for instance). I appreciated how the script treated the main characters and I got a kick out of the stop motion creature effects. The movie was obviously low budget, but they did the most with what they had. This movie proves that you can do an entertaining film with a little creativity even if you don’t have much money. It’s also proof that a movie can be PG and still be effective.

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