The Thing [1982] (4/13/12)

The ThingMovie Eighty One

The Thing has been one of my favorite horror movies for as long as I’ve liked horror movies and for a movie that’s as old as I am, it’s held up extraordinarily well.

We have seen many many MANY horror movies come and go between 1982 and today. We’ve even had another Thing movie (which I have yet to see). Even the special effects for The Thing have stood the test of time.

Set in Antartica, a dog being chased by Norwegians that are trying to kill it stumbles upon a group of researchers. The dog, as it so happens, is really an alien that can change the DNA of its host and take over. Soon after, the Dog-Thing wreaks total havoc and no one can be trusted for who they really are.

Without the completely isolated setting and small ensemble cast, The Thing simply wouldn’t work as well it does. There is little hope for the crew surviving, and even if they do they are stranded. This creates an incredible tension that always leaves me on the edge of my seat, even though I know exactly what will happen next.

The Thing is one of those movies that I could watch just about any time. I decided to watch it this time around for three reasons: I had just purchased the Blu-Ray on the cheap, it was Friday the 13th and I wanted something scary-ish to watch, and Bizzam blogged about Kurt Russell and I thought he died and then decided I needed to watch a Kurt Russell movie. I’m glad I did.

I give it 4 frosty bearded Kurt Russells out of 5.


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15 responses to “The Thing [1982] (4/13/12)

  1. “The Thing” is one of my favorite movies of all time. The recent prequel does a pretty decent job of honoring it, so it’s worth watching, though it’s not as good as Carpenter’s film.

  2. One of the best sci-fi/horror films of all time. You and I are totally in the same page on this one, Andy. Great review!

  3. This is one of those rare horror movies that still works today because it just has the creepiest and most tense atmospheres that I’ve ever had in any other horror flick. It does have some problems with its script but it is still an effective horror flick none the less. Good review Andy.

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  5. One of my all-time favs. It’s all about the atmosphere. People say it’s the FX – and the FX are certainly great – but for me it’s the tension, even from the first beat, that first bass pulse on the soundtrack. By the time we get to the ‘blood test’ scene, you’re coiled in your seat like a jack-in-the-box just waiting to hit the ceiling. The cast knock it out of the park; Brimley is immense.

    I’ve got the blu-ray but haven’t watched it yet. All the special features appear to be intact from the DVD, though…

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