Welcome to Ebertfest!

EbertfestMy buddy, Julian, and I arrived in Champaign Illinois about 2 hours ago for the 14th Annual Ebertfest! You can see the line-up this year here. I still have a few movies to write about from the past week, but those will be put on hiatus as I write about the films shown here.

So for the rest of the week, expect several posts about Ebertfest, I’ll try to post regularly, but I am falling behind on reading all the blogs I follow, so bear with me!

Things are kicking off here at 7pm central with Joe Versus the Volcano!

6 responses to “Welcome to Ebertfest!

  1. I’ve never seen Joe vs. The Volcano. When I first heard the title, I assumed it was a bad comedy, but I heard some great things about it, plus I’m a big fan of Tom Hanks.

    I’d like to go to Ebertfest. I just been to Tribeca this past week and saw 8 incredible shorts there.

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