The Godfather Part II (5/18/12)

Godfather Part IIMovie One Hundred Twenty Three

The Godfather Part II has been heralded as one of the best sequels ever to one of the best movies ever, continuing the story of Corleone mob family.

The Godfather Part II is an incredibly ambitious film, if nothing else since it is essentially two films in one, both prequel and sequel to the original Godfather. The film starts in the early 1900s with a young Vito Andolini (we find out his famous surname, Corleone, was given falsely at Ellis Island), whose father is killed by a mob boss, and the young boy is shipped to America. We are then brought into the mid 1950s with Michael (Al Pacino) in Nevada, attempting to spread the Corleone empire into Las Vegas casinos. The film then goes back and forth between Michael’s “present day” struggles as he also travels to Cuba and tries to find out who is trying to assassinate him, and a young Vito (Robert De Niro) as he rises to power some 40 years earlier, paving the way for Michael.

Clocking in at 200 minutes, I obviously gave an extremely abbreviated version of the film’s events. There are really two full movies here, both would be incredibly interesting on their own but the way they are intertwined makes The Godfather Part II an incredibly powerful film. The struggles that Michael faces both internally and externally are riveting, especially since family plays such a large role. While I love both The Godfather and The Godfather Part II, they are not my favorite mafia movies, nor do I think they are Francis Ford Coppola’s strongest films either. For their part, however, they are incredibly well-made, superbly acted films that securely own their place in the top of innumerable “favorites” lists.

The Godfather films have a legacy about them, even if you don’t think they are the greatest films ever made, it should be easy to see their significance. The Godfather Part II is a film that builds upon the original film in every sense possible. While the pacing and length can be a bit of a bear at times, I would call none of the film superfluous. The Godfather Part II is a film I’ve only seen once before, it is an amazing film, but not one that I feel the urge to watch often. I can wholly appreciate everything about it, but I’m in the camp that prefers the original, perhaps due to the pacing. Still, The Godfather Part II is an amazing film that requires viewing at some point in one’s life.

I give it 5 Vito’s flaming towel silencers out of 5.


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27 responses to “The Godfather Part II (5/18/12)

  1. It’s my favorite film of all time, only tied with the original. It’s a film that never grows dull a second and contains some of the best acting ever in a film (Robert DeNiro’s performance as Vito is almost as good as Marlon Brando’s). Great review.

  2. Great review of a great movie. I honestly wish it were two movies because finding the time for it is hard to do, but its worth the journey when you can make it.

  3. That was a great job with your brief summation of the plot. I had not really considered the possibilty of breaking this into two separate films. Maybe not as good as 1 but not far behind and certainly much better than 3 😉

    nice review

  4. I also prefer Part I to Part II but both films are just about perfect. And I love the fact that you rated this movie using “Vitos’ flaming towel silencers” because that sequence was my favorite.

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  6. Interesting review, I think it is definately up there with the first Godfather. I believe that it has a bigger scope in the way it details the beginnings of the Corleone Family.

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