Them [2006] (5/25/12)

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Them (Ils) is a film about a couple living in the secluded French mansion that gets terrorized one night by a group of unseen assailants.

Them begins with a mother and daughter driving along a dark country road when a figure appears in the road and the mother swerves to avoid hitting it. After crashing into a light post, she gets out and looks under the hood while the daughter remains inside. When the mother disappears, the daughter panics as she realizes she is not alone and is then strangled from behind. Cut to a woman who, on her way home from work, passes the car unknowingly. She then arrives home to her boyfriend and as the two settle in for the night, strange noises wake them. Soon they are terrorized by “them”.

I really wanted to love Them, perhaps I was expecting too much but even at a brisk 74 minute runtime the picture felt a bit long to me. I didn’t care what happened to any of the characters and for a horror/thriller I was neither horrified nor particularly thrilled. However, in spite of all that, Them is a fairly enjoyable film, just not the masterpiece I was expecting. Finding out who “them” are was actually fairly satisfying and though it’s not the twistiest of twists in filmdom, it is realistic. Speaking of realistic, this is yet another film “based on true events” which is typically a flimsy excuse but in this case it is true, but glorified.

Them is a film that is worth seeing even though I was a bit harsh on it. At barely over an hour, it is a lean film that has little to no filler, but the downfall is that there is no meaningful character development. It is very similar to the US film, The Strangers, which I prefer over this. Still, Them is not a bad way to kill a bit of time and get some enjoyment.

I give it 3 the giant ants from Them! would have made this much more interesting out of 5.


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20 responses to “Them [2006] (5/25/12)

  1. I once saw an MST3K episode on “The Beginning of The End,” a Bert I. Gordon film that apparently was a rip-off of this film. Based on your review, I probably wouldn’t watch Them (though I do have a soft spot for cheesy giant monster movies). Good review.

    • Oh sorry, I thought about the wrong Them (I looked at you rating below, and just thought you were talking about that one for a second). Still, I’m not someone who really likes horror films, so I probably wouldn’t like it. Good review still.

  2. Update: I finally saw it. Sad to say I almost hated it. Every time I think that a character should NOT do a particular course of action, they do it. I face palmed one time. And I never physically face palm. Only mentally. =p

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