June Movies Round-Up

June was a slow month for my movie watching, unfortunately. The nice weather we had in Chicago caused me to put off watching movies and pursue other things. There are, of course, two huge milestones to talk about, however.

First, and most important being that I made it halfway through my goal of watching 300 movies this year. Movie number 150 belongs to the illustrious Big Lebowski. Not only is it one of my favorite movies, our dog was named Lebowski in honor of the film.

The second milestone is related; we are more than halfway through the year as well. Since I made it through 151 movies, I’m squarely on track for hitting my goal of 300. I imagine the summer will be slightly off pace and once the cold weather turns around again my watching habits will pick back up.

The movies I watched in June are:

  1. Goin’ South
  2. Until the Light Takes Us
  3. The Emperor’s New Groove
  4. Take Shelter
  5. The Invention of Dr. Nakamats
  6. Brief Encounter
  7. The Blob [1958]
  8. Yellow Submarine
  9. Prometheus
  10. The Descendants
  11. Drive
  12. The Naked City
  13. Blade Runner
  14. The Muppets
  15. Ultimate Avengers: The Movie
  16. You Don’t Know Jack
  17. The Big Lebowski
  18. Stagecoach
  19. When Harry Met Sally

June Statistics:

Movies watched / Days in the month = 19/30 = ~63.3%
My average movie rating = 3.947 out of 5 (7.894/10)
Average IMDB rating = ~7.4
Average Rotten Tomatoes rating = ~71%
First time viewings = 12

Method of watching:

  • Blu-Ray = 8
  • DVD = 3
  • Netflix (DVD rental) = 2
  • Netflix Instant = 4
  • Theater = 1
  • Hulu Plus = 1

Year to Date Statistics:

Movies watched / Days elapsed = 152/182 = ~83.5%
Percentage of my goal complete = 152/300 = ~50.7%
Percentage of year complete = 182/366 = ~49.7%
Percentage ahead = ~1%
Movies remaining vs. days remaining = 148 vs. 184
My average movie rating = ~3.928 out of 5 (7.856/10)
Average IMDB rating = ~7.3
Average Rotten Tomatoes rating = ~76%
First time viewings = 99

Method of watching:

  • Amazon Instant = 1
  • Blu-Ray = 42
  • DVD = 24
  • Netflix (DVD rental) = 18
  • Netflix Instant = 47
  • Theater = 17
  • TV/TiVo = 1
  • Hulu Plus = 2

So that’s that! Six more months to go for the year and I never thought I would have the successes with this site that I have already had. A very sincere thank you to everyone that is reading, has read, or will read something on here.

*Update (7/1/12)*
I had forgotten about Stagecoach somehow when I was tallying and writing reviews, so I have added that and adjusted things accordingly.

24 responses to “June Movies Round-Up

  1. I like that you do this. I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind if I had a similiar wrap up on my blog? http://www.cinekatz.com Not looking to copy yours, as I don’t track formats and such, but I love the idea of an rating/RT/imdb average.

  2. Congratulations on your progress, Andy – I’m personally 25 novels into my ‘Read 50 Books in a year’ challenge on GoodReads.com – and going at it with equal vigour.

    Is it still fun or are you finding it an effort to find things that you want to see?

    • Congrats on your progress too!

      It’s still fun but now I’ve watched many of my “favorites” now so the rest of the year is going to be new territory and hopefully finding some new favorites. I still have plans to do a Kubrick Week sometime too.

  3. This was fun to read. It’s great to see that you are currently ahead. It is also cool to see what methods of watching you use. So many different ways to watch the same movies. 😛

  4. When I got the email of this blog post from my WordPress subscription, it cut off at “I made it halfway through my goal of watching 300.” So I thought you had made it halfway through the movie 300. I actually made it about 20 minutes into the movie 300 and then got bored, so that made sense to me.

    Congrats on hitting the halfway mark! It’s all downhill from here!

  5. Hahahaha!

    We took this on a few years ago- attempting 365 films in the year. I think I ended up much higher. The only rule was no repetition, so I’m liable to watch Alien 3 times a year, and it only counted once.

    I sat through some horrid crap to make it- it was almost anything that was on TV one weekend, including a Garfield double bill. Painful, and I swore I wasn’t going to do anything like that again

    • I think 365 would just end up being too much a chore (I would never have the patience for Garfield movies), 300 seemed doable. I am counting repeat viewings, but I’m trying to limit them, maybe next year I will do something different. I have a few ideas I’m simmering on. Thanks!

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