The Dark Knight (7/19/12)

The Dark KnightMovie One Hundred Seventy One

The Dark Knight continues Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy as Batman faces his nemesis, the Joker.

The Dark Knight begins with an elaborate bank heist orchestrated by the Joker (Heath Ledger). Gotham has a new DA in Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart) who vows to clean up organized crime along with his assistant DA, Rachel Dawes (this time played by Maggie Gyllenhaal). Gordon (Gary Oldman) and Batman (Christian Bale) decide to trust Dent. The Joker disrupts an organized crime meeting between several factions and essentially controls the city’s underworld. After Dawes and Dent are placed at separate locations with lots of explosives and a timer, Batman saves Dent but he is disfigured. Joker turns Dent against himself he vows revenge for losing Rachel. Batman must now figure out a way to stop Joker and also deal with the newly formed Two-Face while still remaining the hero that Gotham deserves.

It turns out that writing an abbreviated plot outline for The Dark Knight is much harder than I anticipated. A lot of things happen in the film that the 150+ minute run time can attest to. The second part of  Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, many consider The Dark Knight to be the pinnacle of the series. I attribute this largely to his brother, Jonathan, who helped write the script for the film. Everything in this film is there for a reason and a pretty damn smart reason, too. Further diving into the “realistic” world of Batman, The Dark Knight created one of the greatest villains ever on screen in the Joker. The fact that Joker is only a portion of the plot here is remarkable.

When The Dark Knight was released, it contained several scenes that were shot for IMAX screens and this was the first IMAX film I saw that truly blew me away. While it’s always a thrill to see a bigger, louder version of a film in theaters, when something is built specifically for IMAX it shows. Even a lesser film would have been breathtaking if shot like this, but from the very opening shot for the entire film it grabs you and doesn’t let up. As I said about Batman Begins, The Dark Knight is not only an amazing superhero movie, it is simply a great movie.

If Batman Begins put Christopher Nolan on the map for many people, then The Dark Knight solidified his position as a great filmmaker. The Dark Knight is difficult to fault and is something that I could easily recommend to everyone.

I give it 5 “you complete me”s out of 5.


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28 responses to “The Dark Knight (7/19/12)

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  3. This was my favorite superhero film until The Dark Knight Rises came out. Heath Ledger was so convincing as the Joker that he blew me away. Plus, Maggie Gyllenhaal is much better than Katie Holmes. Good review.

  4. Still not sure which one I prefer between this one and Rises, but I think that’s because they’re two very different films. I actually liked Katie a bit better than Maggie, but Anne Hathaway blows them both out of the water so that’s all that matters I guess.

    Good to see some recognition for Jonathan Nolan, he really is the unsung hero of a lot of his brother’s films.

  5. Awesome review.

    I love Nolan’s Batman franchise. It’s one of the best trilogies of all time. I still think this is the best out of the 3 films, all of which are outstanding.

  6. you done well to get it so concise. TDK is one of my all time top ten, i am still on the fence as to whether TDKR is actually better until a further watch. In many aspects it is better than TDK but Ledger took it to another level.

    • A friend of mine was greatly disappointed by it too, I thought it delivered on almost all levels, even though I did have some complaints. I agree that Hathaway really elevated the film, though. Thanks!

    • Definitely my favorite as well, now that I’ve had time to think about all of them (though I still need to rewatch TDKR). I liked Gyllenhaal better as well but I wasn’t crazy about either actress to be honest.

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  8. I saw the entire trilogy in theaters and just on that note it was phenomenal, though I did notice that the crowd was most joyous and annoying by clapping all the time, lol, when just The Dark Knight came on. Like you TDKR may become my favorite after I’ve watched it some more, but for now Dark Knight is still my favorite, and honestly, even with how grand the franchise is as a whole, I think most people will probably hold The Dark Knight at the top of their list.

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