The quest for views

My friend Justin over at TIWAMย are having a little competition over who can get the most site views for the month of August. The winner gets to choose a film for the other to review and I have to say…I’m a bit worried. As part of his training, he is watching the picks of the garbage pile to desensitize himself but my tolerance for turd films is low. So, do me a favor and visit my site more, ‘kay? ‘Kay.

42 responses to “The quest for views

    • Yeah but (other than this post) I won’t be doing anything out of the ordinary and I don’t think he is either. Just a friendly competition after I got jealous that he hit 4k views for July and I’ve never broken the 4k barrier. Yet. *evil laugh*

  1. I refuse to take part in this ridiculous charade and quest for ratings. And, no, I will not be tricked into visiting this site!

    But, seriously, SPHERE has to be one of the most godawful films I’ve ever seen in my life.

  2. Good luck dude. I just put Sphere on my netflix q. I’m oing to re-watch it for review. I suppose I should prepare myself for it. I barely remember it. I’ll be sure to poke around a bit on your blog to help you out.

  3. Good luck! I’ll pop in regularly to help you out, but I recommend giving a little gem called ‘Monsturd’ a watch. If you can survive that, it doesn’t matter what the outcome is.

  4. Ha! This is excellent! I’ll double my visits – but I do feel compelled to check out the competition also. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’ve never seen “Sphere” – all this talk has me interested…

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