Liebster Award Time [Updated x3]

Normally when I receive blogging awards I’m too busy to reciprocate since these are fairly time consuming…but you’re all in luck! My wife is out of town and I’ve got the time. So, I’m going to cheat a bit here because I got nominations from both Fernando Rafel and Alexander aka Cinemaniac [EDIT] AND Jaime from Filmverse (sorry!) [EDIT 2] and also Thomas from On Topic Reviews [EDIT 3] hey, also from Claratsi!

The normal Liebster-y things to do…

1. Each person must post eleven things about themselves
2. Answer the eleven questions the person giving the award has set for you
3. Create eleven questions for the people you will be giving the award to
4. Choose eleven people to award and send them a link to your post
5. Go to their page and tell them
6. No tag backs

Eleven things about me:

1. I love bicycling and wish I lived in a more moderate climate with more cycle friendly areas
2. I have a signed photograph of Charles Bronson
3. I collect a bunch of Star Wars memorabilia
4. I have 3 tattoos
5. Other than movies, I love music, reading, and video games
6. My favorite book is Lord of the Flies
7. I work in IT
8. I’m addicted to buying Criterion Collection blu-rays
9. I’m watching the Simpsons movie right now
10. I drive a hybrid (Lexus CT200h)
11. I’m lactose intolerant

The eleven questions from Cinemaniac and Fernando (twenty two total):

Fernando’s questions

1. Favorite scene in a film? I’m a huge fan of the Copa scene from Goodfellas, it’s hard to top that one
2. Worst performance by your favorite actor/actress? When I watched Goin’ South, it was pretty disappointing to see Jack Nicholson not only phoning it in but high as a kite the entire time. Maybe not the worst performance, but the most recent.
3. Favorite drink (alcoholic or not)? I drink a lot of Coke Zero but I drink like a gallon of water a day, does water count as a drink?
4. Any interesting rituals before/during/after watching a movie? Hm, not really. This year my only ritual is to put all the movie’s info in my spreadsheet so I can keep track of everything.
5. Oscars: agony or ecstasy? A little of both, actually. I never take too much stock in the awards themselves but I enjoy watching the ceremony sometimes.
6. Name your top 10 actors and actresses. Jeez, ten? Here we go…Jack Nicholson, Charles Bronson, Marlon Brando, Kate Winslet, Robert De Niro, Ryan Gosling, Tom Hanks, Julianne Moore, Robert Duvall, and Bill Murray.
7. Favorite musical/dance scene from a movie? The cantina scene from Star Wars, definitely.
8. Name 3 movies with great cinematography. Basically all Terrence Malick films (Thin Red Line or Tree of Life), Citizen Kane, The Third Man.
9. Favorite film poster? This Hugo poster, which I have hanging in our family room.
10. Coolest thing in your movie collection? My aforementioned signed Charles Bronson photo, I think.
11. Favorite city/country you’ve never been to? I haven’t been to Europe since I was a baby, but I’ve always wanted to go Greece.

Cinemaniac’s questions

1. What movie do you wish you had never seen? Hm, I don’t think I have one, if there’s a movie I don’t like then I turn it off but I’ve seen so many movies over the years that none stand out as regrettable.
2. What movie have you heard nothing but praise for, but still have absolutely no desire to see (come on, you know it happens with all of us)? Lots of rom-coms, everything else is pretty fair game.
3. Have you seen the entire filmography of one director?  If so, who? Jean Vigo, once it was compiled by the Criterion Collection and it’s fairly short. I’ve seen the majority of many directors works, but I don’t think I’ve seen EVERYTHING one has done. I’m really close to seeing all of Scorsese’s.
4. Have you ever been to a film festival? Why yes, I went to Ebertfest this year. Next year I’m going to try to make it to Telluride I hope.
5. What was the first movie you saw in theaters? I wish I remembered…
6. Have you ever met a famous filmmaker/actor/actress?  If so, who? I met Michael Shannon at Ebertfest, and Roger Ebert on several occasions. When I was younger I met Richard Karn aka Al from Home Improvement. True story.
7. What Academy Award winning film(s) do you not particularly care for? Oh, plenty. Recently, I thought King’s Speech was good but nowhere near as good as they awards it received.
8. What is your favorite quote in a movie? “You’re gonna need a bigger boat” Jaws
9. What is the most confusing movie you’ve seen? Synecdoche, NY which I thought was pretentious drivel.
10. What is your vote for the most pointless movie made thus far? The first ones I thought of were all the ____ Movie movies, ya know, Epic Movie, Disaster Movie, etc.
11. Do you talk during movies? I try not to, but occasionally I do.

[Update] Jaime’s questions

1. What movie would you consider changed your life? Tough call but an obvious answer would be Star Wars. Still a favorite of mine.
2. What genre do you avoid like the plague and why? Rom-coms not because I don’t enjoy them (when they are good) but because there are so many absolute turds.
3. If you had a choice, would you prefer to watch a film in a traditional theater, on an IMAX screen, in 3D, or at home on HDTV? I love the occassional IMAX, but regular movie theater screen is my favorite. Sometime it is just nice to kick back and watch on my home theater setup…
4. Are you guilty of talking during a movie? In a theater? Not more than a sentence or so. At home? Yeah, definitely.
5. Is there a particular actor who you would see in a movie regardless of what the film is? I’ve seen a lot of Charles Bronson films that are pretty lousy but Charles Bronson rules.
6. Do you read the end credits? Yup, most of the time
7. Who is your favorite author? I’m not sure I have on, to be perfectly honest. I’ve read a lot of great books but a lot of great authors, but I don’t think there’s a single author that I could call my favorite. Maybe Faulkner?
8. Do you believe that the film/TV/video game industry is responsible for violence in our society? Absolutely not. Violence is human nature, it existed long before any of those things.
9. Should celebrities be involved in the political process to use their fame as an agent to push specific agendas? Ugh, this is something that always bugs me. I’m all for celebrities using their status to provide for charities and whatever else, but keep your views to yourself, for the sake of everyone. Don’t use your celebrity as a soapbox.
10. If cosmetic surgery and Botox were outlawed, would that be an improvement for Hollywood or a detriment? Possibly both, Meg Ryan’s face would melt.
11. What classic film would you like to see remade with modern filmmaking techniques? I would like a good remake of The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, the ones that exist now are lousy.

[Update 2] Thomas’ questions

1. What is your favorite movie? Goodfellas
2. What is your favorite genre of music? I’ve been listening to punk music most of my life so even though I listen to everything (yes, even country) I still go back to punk.
3. How many times do you eat fast food a week or month? Ugh, way too much, but mostly for lunch. I usually get salads and stuff, but I still don’t feel good about it.
4. Is there any particular type of film you prefer? I’ve thought about this before and I really don’t think there is. I used to be a sucker for horror films, and I still have a soft spot for them. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Japanese film I’ve outright disliked, so maybe that?
5. What is your favorite TV show? Right now, Breaking Bad, easily. Seriously, watch that show if you haven’t already. Of all time, it would be The Simpsons even though I rarely watch the new episodes these days.
6. English/literacy or maths? I enjoy both but I prefer literacy. I’m a bit of a language/grammar snob even if I don’t always show it.
7. Chemistry, biology or psychics? Physics. Fun fact: I almost became a physics major before going into IT.
8. What is your favorite magazine? Either Game Informer (video game magazine from GameStop) or Motor Trend (about cars). I used to love magazines and now I just don’t feel like I have time for them for some reason.
9. Best experience in your life? Clichéd, but I would say my wedding/honeymoon. My wife and I were married on the beach at St. Simon’s Island, Georgia and it was beautiful.
10. Most desired holiday destination? Hm, I said “Greece” for Fernando’s question of places I’ve never been to…So my other choice would be Japan, I think. It just seems like a beautiful and diverse country to see lots of things.
11. If you could travel back in time to any recorded event, which would it be? Wow, that’s tough…I honestly don’t know. Maybe something biblical like Jesus’ birth to see if there’s any truth to it? I’m an atheist so I’ve always been intrigued by the bible.

[Update 3] Claratsi’s questions

1. Cats or dogs? Dogs. I’ve always grown up with dogs (to be fair, I’ve grown up with cats too) and dogs are really just good friends.
2. What’s your favourite sport? Cycling and American football.
3. What is the first movie you seen at the cinema? I honestly don’t remember. I should ask my mom if she remembers…
4. How old were you? My parents took me to Europe (from the US) on a trip when I was 10 months old, so if I had to guess…I would say I was an infant.
5. If you could meet any movie star, who would it be? I think Jeff Bridges would be amazing to talk to. Not only does he seem down to Earth and cool, but he’s probably led an incredible life.
6. What would you ask them? “Does Jeff Bridges abide?”
7. Would you be a geek and ask them for an autograph or a picture? Oh, without a doubt.
8. Share one tip for Successful blogging? Market yourself, get posting on other blogs, find like-minded people to share with and you’ll grow.
9. Where is the greatest place you have ever been? Well, it’s in the name…the greatest place on Earth: Disney World
10. Have you ever met anyone really famous? Roger Ebert would be the most famous person I’ve met
11. Which movie star do you really not get? Robert Pattinson. Partly because he reminds me of a guy I worked with that had horrible hygiene…

Instead of creating my own questions I’m mostly going to make some copypasta from the above questions

1. Favorite scene in a film?
2. Worst performance by your favorite actor/actress?
3. Name your top 10 actors and actresses.
4. Favorite film poster?
5. Coolest thing in your movie collection?
6. What movie have you heard nothing but praise for, but still have absolutely no desire to see?
7. Have you seen the entire filmography of one director?  If so, who?
8. Have you ever met a famous filmmaker/actor/actress?  If so, who?
9. What is your favorite quote in a movie?
10. Movie you’re ashamed to have bought?
11. Favorite TV show?

Also breaking from the rules, instead of handing this out to 11 more people (sorry chain letter style awards) if you’re reading this and want to take part, this award is yours! I have way too many awesome blogs in my feeds to pick just 11…

If you made it all the way through this then thanks for reading! Also huge thanks to Alexander and Fernando and Jaime and Thomas!

37 responses to “Liebster Award Time [Updated x3]

  1. So I’m pretty new to the whole blogging awards thing, would I just do a similar post with, say, yours and Cinemaniac’s questions and answers and add on my own set with Eleven Bloggers to pass it on to?

    Also where does the “Award” aspect come in to play? Are all of these responses submitted somewhere for consideration somehow?

    • Yup! There are a few of these award chains out there and each is a bit different, but feel free to use this one.

      The “award” part is a loose term, from what I can tell. They are basically just chain letter posts that spread around with people passing them on to their own readers. Still, nice to be thought of once in awhile!

  2. Hmm. seems like you’re a Charles Bronson fan. I tried watching 10 to Midnight a while back but grew tired of watching a man kill women while being completely naked. The acting was also fairly terrible.

    I hate to say it, but my favorite scene from a movie would have to be the “Stuck in the Middle with You” scene from Reservoir Dogs. Or Christopher Walken’s watch scene from Pulp Fiction. Or the elevator scene from Drive. Or Christopher Walken’s interrogation scene in True Romance. I have way too many favorite scenes right now.

    • 10 to Midnight is weird, not just for the naked dude (in the end he’s running around totally nude too) but Charles Bronson has one of the weirdest lines in cinematic history in that movie: “You know what this is for, Warren? It’s for JACKING OFF!”

      All great scenes, it’s hard to choose just one…

      • I’m pretty sure I didn’t stop laughing for half an hour after that line. I left the room during the middle (which I guess I could have just fast forwarded) but I did see the end. I envy his mustache though.

        Trust me, I stopped myself from mentioning more scenes. The list is probably longer than my birthday list from when I was 5, and I was a needy child. 😛

  3. Wow, I’ll have to put your questions up!

    For actors, I can completely agree with choices like Jack Nicholson, Marlon Brando, Robert DeNiro, Robert Duvall, and Bill Murray. I hate those ______ Movies too. I love the cinematography of both Citizen Kane and The Third Man too.

  4. Oh I LOVE that Hugo poster you owned, never seen that before, that is gorgeous! ”You’re gonna need a bigger boat” is definitely an iconic quote from JAWS, great pick!

  5. Pingback: Liebster Blog Award « Cinematic

  6. Thanks for doing this, Andy! Glad you took the time! Great answers to my questions, too! Yes, water counts as a drink. I listed it as my favorite as well.

    We seem to agree that Malick films and Citizen Kane have great cinematography. That Hugo poster is very cool. Agree with you on The King’s Speech and the ___ Movie movies!

    “If cosmetic surgery and Botox were outlawed, would that be an improvement for Hollywood or a detriment? Possibly both, Meg Ryan’s face would melt.” LOL

    A remake of Cabinet of Dr. Caligari would indeed be very cool!

    “Maybe something biblical like Jesus’ birth to see if there’s any truth to it? I’m an atheist so I’ve always been intrigued by the bible.” Same here.

    I also took the liberty of answering your questions (save for the ones I already answered on my Liebster post):

    6. What movie have you heard nothing but praise for, but still have absolutely no desire to see? Any anime. I have an almost physical aversion to anime. I hate it. Sorry.

    7. Have you seen the entire filmography of one director? If so, who? Yes. Christopher Nolan.

    8. Have you ever met a famous filmmaker/actor/actress? If so, who? Alejandro González Iñárritu, Andy Serkis, Adriana Barraza.

    9. What is your favorite quote in a movie? That rug really tied the room together.

    10. Movie you’re ashamed to have bought? None.

    11. Favorite TV show? Friends.

    • Good stuff, Fernando!
      Now that you mention it…I’ve seen all of Nolan’s films as well. Also Fincher’s, Aronofsky’s, and Kubrick’s. Maybe more. I’d still really have to think about it.
      How did you meet Andy Serkis?

      • I haven’t seen one Fincher film (Alien3) and an Aronofsky (Pi).

        I met him at Comic Con. He was walking by and nobody recognized him. He was casually checking out comic books with his son. I walked up and asked him if he was, in fact, Andy Serkis cause I wasn’t sure! haha He was really nice and even asked me if I was enjoying Comic Con and we took a picture.

  7. I was nominated for the Liebster through a different blogger, Andy, but I would still like to fill out the questionairre. My answers are as follows:

    1. Favorite scene in a film?
    It’s a tie between the blood test scene in The Thing and the scene where Hopper expains to Walken where Sicilians come from in True Romance,

    2. Worst performance by your favorite actor/actress?
    De Niro in Meet the Parents or Meet the Fockers or Meet whatever.

    3. Name your top 10 actors and actresses.
    Julianne Moore, Michael Fassbender, Robert De Niro, Christopher Walken, Jodie Foster, Salma Hayek, Johnny Depp, Al Pacino and that’s all I can think of at the moment.

    4. Favorite film poster?
    Don’t have a favorite

    5. Coolest thing in your movie collection?
    I collect DVD’s and Blu-rays for the most part. I can’t afford much else.

    6. What movie have you heard nothing but praise for, but still have absolutely no desire to see?
    Avatar. I loved Aliens, Terminator and T2; but after Titanic Cameron turned into a douchebag.

    7. Have you seen the entire filmography of one director? If so, who?
    As far as I know I’ve seen all of Zack Snyder’s films and I’m not ashamed to admit. I’ve also seen all of Quentin Tarantino’s.

    8. Have you ever met a famous filmmaker/actor/actress? If so, who?
    I met Butch Patrick, the guy that played Eddie Munster. Does that count?

    9. What is your favorite quote in a movie?
    I have seen too many movies to have one favorite quote.

    10. Movie you’re ashamed to have bought?
    None. Whether I love a film or consider it a piece of shit, I am never ashamed.

    11. Favorite TV show?
    After 7 seasons I finally decided to watch Supernatural. I am now into the fifth season and have yet to see a weak episode.

    I hope these are okay answers, Andy. Catch ya on the flip side.

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