Popcorn + Movies = Love? (Friday Question Fun)

Here we are again for the third Friday Question Fun! This time, the question relates to your eating habits while watching movies…

When you watch a movie, do you always get popcorn?

Do you have a different go-to movie food?

Personally, I’m a huge popcorn fan and the smell of popcorn will almost instantly make me ravenously hungry for popcorn.Drooling Homer Simpson

Delicious, buttery, salty popcorn…


And since I like my popcorn salty, I have to wash it down with a drink. At home I don’t snack so much, but I do like having a beer or two with a movie.

What about you?

73 responses to “Popcorn + Movies = Love? (Friday Question Fun)

  1. I used to get popcorn (extra “butter” extra salt) all the time at the movies.

    But going to the theatre as much as I do lately, I can’t. LOL. I’d weigh 800 pounds and be dead within a month! πŸ˜€

  2. I used to love popcorn. Then I went to an AMC marathon, where they showed all five of the best film nominees the weekend before the academy awards. We got all the popcorn we could eat for free. I ate so much that I got sick. Since then, I don’t even like the smell of it. Maybe someday I can have popcorn again.

  3. One (or two) hot dog(s) and an order of movie nachos with two side of peppers and a large diet coke. Yup, that does a number on my stomach but it’s SOOOOOOOO delicious. But that’s also the reason I haven’t gone to the three hour Dark Night Rises……. : )

    • There are a few theaters around here that have full-service bar/restaurants inside them so you can eat a full meal while watching a movie. It always makes me sleepy, though.
      Movie hot dogs are dangerous because they are delicious but also possibly poisonous.

  4. I may be in the minority but hearing people graze on popcorn and slurp drinks makes me pretty angry during a movie πŸ™‚ I have some kind of disorder (apparently doctors say it’s a real thing, madness I know) where other people eating makes me angry. So to answer your question, nothing πŸ™‚ A food/drink and chat free cinema/movie watching experience would be perfect!

    • I can eat movie popcorn without making too much noise, I also hate it when someone is like crinkling the bag (seemingly) right in my ear. A lot of theaters around here don’t even have bags, they have cardboard containers, so then the only noise is the people that choose to chew with their mouths open…Which I really can’t stand.

  5. I think my blog’s title says it all – “Popcorn Dinner”. Pass the popcorn, please! Actually I’m kind of a stickler for having my own bag – no sharesies. And my absolute favourite when I’m feeling particularly snackishly decadent is to dump some M&Ms in with it. With orange soda to wash it all down. I never have orange pop any other time except at the movies (and only sometimes, because after all, I’m supposed to be a “grown-up”). But like others have mentioned, I go to the movies way to often to do this every time. About once a month I go all snack-happy at the theater. Watching movies at home I might make popcorn, but with the airpopper and adding some seasonings and real butter. It’s awesome! Thanks a lot Andy, now I’m hungry! Mmmm, popcorn…

    • Ha! I was actually thinking of your blog title when I wrote this…

      I have dared to dump M&Ms into a bag only once but made a horrible mess.

      I still see going to a theater as a treat, so I like getting the occasional snack.
      I’m craving popcorn too…

  6. My tradition when I go to the movies is to get the Big box of SnowCaps!! The best part is when you finish the box and have all the Non-Paraiels at the bottom!! Big time sugar rush….but so worth it!!

    Just came across this blog and I love it. Glad to have found this through LeClown! Can’t wait to read more.

  7. When you watch a movie, do you always get popcorn? I never get popcorn. The smell is glorious, the taste is OK but I hate that it squeaks when you chew it. It gives me chills and not in a good way. And it makes you thirsty so you have to get a soda too and then you have to pee.

    Do you have a different go-to movie food? Only when I’m at home do I eat when watching a movie, and I still don’t do it so often. Sometimes I drink coffee or tea.

  8. Ugh…nothing is worse than having to sit near someone at the theater who’s eating popcorn. Popcorn smells awful (the entrance area of every Target I’ve ever been to has that same scent) and it has the consistency of styrofoam packing peanuts. As a bonus, you get to break your teeth on a stray unpopped kernel every now and again.

    Haha whoops. Sorry. I just hate popcorn so much.

    At home, I normally watch movies for reviewing while eating dinner, and I’ve stopped taking snacks to the theater because I was getting fat.

  9. Fun question!

    I don’t like eating popcorn in general because they get stuck between my teeth. But, I must admit, once I start eating it, I can’t stop! Generally, I don’t eat popcorn at the movies… I’m one of those people who sneak in a McD burger or Chipotle, much better snacks! =p

    • I don’t stop til I hit the bottom of the container.
      I’ve never really stowed away “real” food to eat in a theater, just the occasional candy or pop. Lately I’ve noticed lots of people sneaking in beer, which just seems like a bad idea.

  10. My brother and I always purchase and split a medium popcorn then sneak in our own beverages. Once in awhile we might grab some candy or nachos but not very often.

  11. For some reason I just don’t get the popcorn thing at movies. It might be me, just not a big fan of popcorn. I don’t buy food at the movies, but at home pizza always seems to be the food of choice. Pop a slice, turn on a movie, great times.

  12. I usually eat candy, I know, horrible for my teeth. I’ll sometimes drink soda and eat popcorn. Usually I’ll split my popcorn with friends, family or the occasional date. πŸ˜€

  13. I used to clean theaters and I did it for about 5 years, while the job was amazing I got so sick of cleaning up popcorn that I completely lost my appetite for it! Twizzlers ftw.

  14. I don’t really go to the theatre as much as I want to, and I don’t usually get anything because if I had to go to the bathroom I’d be peeved because I hate missing any part of a movie. When I watch a movie at home I usually like to start to eat dinner with it, and then if I have to get up and do something – the pause button’s always really handy.

    • I like the freedom of pausing when watching a movie at home but I also like being totally locked into the experience at the theater. I have held it for the entirety of the film, practically just so I don’t miss a single frame.

  15. No popcorn. I usually go w/ one of three candy options: Sno-Caps, Peanut Butter Cups, or SweetTarts–in that order. We typically share a Diet-Coke; which means I have three sips and Edwin has the rest.

  16. I’m cheap. So, the only time I buy popcorn is on Tuesdays ($2 for a small…whooohoo!). I do notice that I don’t like to eat popcorn during horror movies. Strange…ya, I think so.

    If I’m not feeling popcorn, my next go to snack is nachos. I love nachos, even the lame movie ones.

    Weird thing that we do in Hawai’i is we add Japanese rice crackers to our popcorn. It’s quite good. Or we’ll add furikake, which is a Japanese seaweed sprinkles for your rice. We call it Hurricane popcorn. Super good.

  17. Each and every time I go to the cinema, I have to have the biggest bag of popcorn they’ve got and the largest Coke. I can always judge how good a film is by the rate that my popcorn disappears! πŸ™‚ The popcorn has to be extra salty so I occasionally have to go back and get more Coke (aka tasty beverage).

  18. At home, I eat whatever snack at home.

    At the cinema, I usually only buy drinks.

    I am not that into eating and watching…Too absorbed by the movie.

  19. At the theatre, popcorn is a must. Twizzlers are a close second. At home, it’s all about the beer and sometimes popcorn (with a little grated parmesan and Cajun seasoning).

  20. If I’m at home and already have some, always. If I’m at the theater, never. Movies at the theater are usually accompanied by milk duds and/or dibs.

  21. I only sometimes go for Popcorn. But I prefer. Cheesy Doritoes and Hot Salsa Dorito dip. Although it can sometimes be distracting while watching the movie both for me, and for others due to the noise pollution I give off.

    • Last night we went to a theater that has a full-service food menu and wait staff and everything and the guy behind me was chomping down pizza like the world was ending. I only really get annoyed by people eating in theaters when they chew with their mouths open but this was really getting to me.

  22. Early in my days as a blogger I would wax somewhat…er…not so…well maybe a little poetically on the virtues of popcorn and Pepsi being a part of my movie-going experience. Now I do know that there are people out there who can be flat out annoying when it comes to eating in a theater. They chew with their mouth open, they smack their lips together, they slurp their drinks a little too loud or too long. Those people and the ones who either talk or play on their cell phones should be banned from ever seeing a movie in a theater again. They want to be rude then they can stay home and be rude. There is no place in my movie-going universe for them.

      • When I go to see a movie I sit at the very back of the theater. That way I have no one behind me talking-chewing-giggling or whatever in my ear. I also try to sit away from other people so that I can put my bag of popcorn in the empty seat beside me and can just reach over and grab a little of it while the movie. 99% of the time I go to movies by myself since my wife and I work different shifts.

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