Uncle Buck (8/17/12)

Uncle BuckMovie One Hundred Ninety One

A family crisis causes a need for a babysitter for a rebellious teenage daughter and her two younger siblings, so they call in Uncle Buck.

In the Chicago suburbs, Cindy (Elaine Bromka) and Bob Russell (Garrett M. Brown) live with their teenage daughter Tia (Jean Louisa Kelly), son Miles (Macaulay Culkin), and daughter Maizy (Gaby Hoffman). When Cindy’s father has a heart attack, the parents reluctantly decide to travel to see him and leave the kids in the care of Bob’s good-hearted, but slovenly brother, Buck (John Candy). When Uncle Buck arrives, the young kids immediately take to him due to his fun nature, but Tia constantly puts up a battle that only a teenage girl could.

Uncle Buck was part one of my two part John Candy marathon alongside The Great Outdoors. As one of the numerous John Hughes films starring John Candy, Uncle Buck is one of my favorites, after Planes, Trains & Automobiles. When John Candy is playing a funny, good-natured guy that just can’t catch a break, I immediately empathize. Buck Russell is a good guy that can’t seem to get his own life in order but you can’t help but love. Toss in some cute kids to lighten the mood and it’s a recipe for success.

I grew up watching John Hughes movies and it’s funny that so many of them are similar but still seem totally original and always enjoyable. Uncle Buck is one of those movies that defines Hughes’ non high school films and will likely stand the test of time. It’s easy to compare Candy’s roles here and Planes, Trains & Automobiles, they are quite similar but have different motivations and instead of Steve Martin to riff off of, Candy has young Culkin and Hoffman and himself. The role of Buck really lets Candy shine on his own and that is what helps make Uncle Buck special.

While it may not be the laugh out loud comedy that you keep coming back to, Uncle Buck is one of those movies that just makes you feel good. The movie has a big heart and a solid sense of humor and it plays to those strengths. As part of the legacy of both John Hughes and John Candy, Uncle Buck is surely a winner.

I give it 4 “I’m a kid, that’s my job”s out of 5.


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47 responses to “Uncle Buck (8/17/12)

  1. I remember watching this for the first time a few years back. It was one of my favorites for a while, but it’s been a year or two since I last saw it. John Candy was amazingly awesome in this one.

  2. John Candy was such a gem, and it’s a pretty even tie for me between his role in “Uncle Buck” and “Planes, Trains and Automobiles” Loved them both equally and he was great in both. Might have to rent this one again since it’s been so long since I’ve seen it.

    • Planes makes me tear up at the end every time, Buck doesn’t have that emotional impact so I give the edge to Planes. I like them both, though. Give it another go, chances are you’ll love it all the same, maybe even more.

      • It makes me tear up everytime too. They are both great flicks and like you said, will have to check out Uncle Buck again!

  3. Great review Andy. This movie is a classic and I don’t care what anybody says! Candy was one of the funniest men working at that time and it’s such a shame that he had to leave so suddenly. Him and John Hughes are always missed.

  4. One of my favorites. There was just something so powerful about such a simple movie. I miss movies like this. Great review.

  5. I love this movie! Grew up with it!!! My favorite scene is when Uncle Bucky goes to the wrong house in the middle of the night. He totally cusses out the neighbor’s house, only to find out that his brother was across the street. Still cracks me up to this day! LOL

  6. I love 1980s/early 1990s comedy movies. Especially literally any movie John Candy was in. Uncle Buck, Planes Trains and Automobiles, Spaceballs, Rookie of the Year, Cool Runnings and one of my all time favourite movies – Brewster’s Millions!!

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  8. I don’t remember this very well, since I was fairly young when I saw it, but I remember laughing at it. I’ve been meaning to catch it again now that I’m an adult; glad to hear it holds up pretty well.

  9. I saw it back in 1989 (23 years ago…wow) and I can’t remember anything about it other than Macaulay Culkin was in it (before Home Alone) Check out Rocket Gibraltar for his film debut. Perhaps it’s time I re-visited this film.

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