Movie Universe To Live In (Friday Question Fun)

It’s Friday and you know that means its time for some more Friday Question Fun!

If you could live in any movie / TV universe (fictional or non) what would it be?

Star Was galaxy map

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This is one that I’ve thought about a lot and there are countless movies I wish I could live in, but I think the Star Wars universe would be my pick. While the Empire would be kind of a bummer, being a Jedi would be pretty awesome. Plus, look at all the options of places to live!

Runners-up include The Big Lebowski (who wouldn’t want to just sit around, drink white Russians and bowl?) and Harry Potter (magic is kinda like being a Jedi…right?).

What about you?

72 responses to “Movie Universe To Live In (Friday Question Fun)

  1. Andy,
    I would live in a Woody Allen movie, specifically in Annie Hall… After all, the universe is expanding, right?
    Le Clown

  2. I know it’s a TV show but there were a couple of movies back in the 60s (so it counts : ) ) – totally the Doctor Who universe.

  3. Star Wars and Harry Potter would be the first I’d think of, partially from just being a fan since a kid.

    Right now though, I’m thinking The Muppets, Doctor Who, or Mighty Boosh.

  4. White Russians, bowling and the occasional acid flashback? That sounds very appealing to me. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I’d probably pick Richard Linklater’s Waking Life though, where everyone walked around in animation and spoke in dream literacy and spouted their deep philosophical musings.

  5. I’d probably want to live in Springfield (in The Simpsons) or the Star Wars universe. I also think it would be cool to live in an Alfred Hitchcock world.

  6. Sincing I’m jonesing for some chocolate right now, I’d have to say Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. But on a serious note, I would say Lost In Translation. Something about the newness and wildness of Toyko makes me want to hop on the first flight there.

  7. I would love to live in the world of Doctor Who or Star Wars. Nothing would be cooler than to fly around with a crazy British alien in a police box. I would also love the Star Wars Universe, it’s so expansive and epic.

  8. Seeing as I visited the Star Wars exhibit last weekend, I’m down for that universe. Seems awesome!
    Harry Potter would be pretty sweet also, I love magic and magical creatures.
    But then, how about Pirates of the Caribbean? Mingle with some pirates, on the sea all the time…now that should be pretty exciting!

  9. I keep coming back to the world of Back to Future – even though Star Wars would be cool. I think the idea of living in a place where time travel is possible is a fascinating concept. Imagine all you could see and do.

  10. I would want to live in any universe created by Charlie Kaufman. I mean, yes everyone would be pretty neurotic and miserable, but at least there’s always the option of erasing your bad memories or spending your life in John Malkovich’s body.

  11. Tough question! I would say Star Wars but considering the constant state of universal war, I’d probably pass. Would I be cheating if I said any world with Emily Blunt?

  12. There are a ton of movie universe I’d love to visit (Lord of the Rings, Midnight in Paris), but I don’t know if I could survive without Internet. So realistically, I’d say Notting Hill?? I’d love to live in Hugh Grant’s friend’s house, I just love London so I wouldn’t mind living there ๐Ÿ˜€

  13. I’d love to live within the world of any David Lynch film. I’d also love to just live within the mind of Werner Herzog for a couple of years.

    Really though, the two films that came to mind for me were the whimsical and detailed world of “Fantastic Mr. Fox” and also the gorgeously constructed and cerebral universe of “2001: A Space Odyssey”. I’d love to run around on that ship! Great question though.

  14. Either the Harry Potter universe, really any Christopher Nolan movie (especially The Prestige) or maybe the View Askewniverse (especially Clerks.). And Toon Town from Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Awesome question.

  15. Such a difficult question! Hmmm….I could definitely do a Charlie Kaufman universe. Living in a Jan Svankmajer universe would be crazy interesting (and traumatic). Ohhh, Pan’s Labyrinth, so magical!

  16. The obvious ones have already been discussed, so I’ll go with something not yet mentioned–the universe of Jack Skelington in “The Nightmare Before Christmas”. How cool would it be to be able to visit all the lands that make the holidays? Not to mention being stop-motion…

  17. There’s already so many great answers! I really like the idea of living in Fantastic Mr. Fox, Star Wars, or Moonrise Kingdom. Also I think it’d be fun to live Where the Wild Things Are. Great question!

  18. My mind first jumped to James Bond but unless you could actually be Bond in some way, you would just live in the real world, albeit with more explosions and with this guy running around being super cool and suave and just generally making you feel inferior. So with that in mind I’m thinking either X-Men as you stand a half decent chance of winding up with superpowers or Toy Story because, well wouldn’t that be really great?

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