The Big Lebowski (rewatch)

Movie Two Hundred

I had the grand fortune to see a midnight showing of The Big Lebowski again on the big screen and it also happened to coincide with being movie two hundred for me! I don’t have much to add beyond my original review other than watching a favorite movie in a theater is such a joy. Seeing great films like this in a classic theater with a live organist (!) was truly amazing and it makes me want to own my own theater so more people can share the experience.

My original review

13 responses to “The Big Lebowski (rewatch)

    I Simply LOVE “The Big Lebowski”!!!
    I Remember Seeing It In The Theater.
    I Was Damn Near Splitting-Open At The Sides Because Of John Goodman.
    I Still Say He Should Have Won An Oscar For Playing “Walter”!!!
    Love It, Sir, LOVE IT INDEED!

  2. I’m still baffled that you and I watched this the exact same day, by pure coincidence (unless you count that you went to a midnight showing, which would ruin all the fun). This one’s an instant favorite for me. My parents and sister kept yelling at me because I was laughing so hard while we were on the road. That only got me laughing louder.

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