Do you purchase/collect movies? (Friday Question Fun)

Woooooo! Friday!

It feels like I was just posting last week’s question for Friday Question Fun but here we are again. This week’s question is pretty straightforward…

Do you purchase/collect movies?

With the digital age we live in, many of the movies I watch are through Netflix Instant but I also tend to buy a lot blu-rays, I have amassed quite the collection (I have a ton of DVDs too) and I’m constantly on the hunt for good deals. I’ve slowed down a bit and now my criteria for keeping movies is if I would watch them again within a year or two.

I am also totally and thoroughly addicted to buying Criterion Collection blu-rays. I think I own most of their collection available on blu-ray now.

I know some people collect VHS and laser discs as well, anyone here into that?

What about you, do you purchase or collect movies?

53 responses to “Do you purchase/collect movies? (Friday Question Fun)

  1. I buy films off Amazon. I only buy Blu-Ray copies, though sometimes if a film doesn’t have a Blu-Ray format I’ll get the regular copy.

    I also often use Hulu Plus and Netflix. The Criterion Collection allows Hulu to stream a lot of their movies, which is where I watch some of their films.

  2. I used to, but I hardly buy DVD’s anymore. That’s mainly because I know I hardly rewatch movies and think all those DVDs take up lots of space I’d rather use for other things. It’s the same for music, I really don’t miss my stacks of CDs…

  3. At last count I have nearly 500 horror movies and probably 250-275 non-horror films. As for collecting I usually just try to get all the films in a series i.e. Friday the 13th. I also try to get both the original and the remake of a horror film if I can get them both i.e. The Last House on the Left. I have had a lot of people ask me why I don’t just download movies or rent them digitally. It’s just that I have always liked the physical feel of the DVD or Blu-Ray in my hand. The same goes for CD;s and books, too; although I do collect some books on my Kindle.

  4. I do collect movies i slowed down for a couple of years. I have a big dvd collection but not alot of blu-rays. Lately i have been collecting trilogy sets on blu-ray and collecters edition.

  5. LOL.

    Yeah, you might say I collect movies (As a pile of blu rays falls on me like tribbles from Star Trek) 😀

    I have a good number of Criterion blus as well. They choose remarkable movies, and then present them with the absolute highest standards. I wish everyone followed their lead!

    • I like that mental image of a DVD avalanche haha

      Universal has done pretty well with their blu restorations and I’ve imported some BFI and Masters of Cinema releases that are almost on par with Criterion. Almost.

  6. I used to buy movies all the time. I have a lot of DVD’s and even started with a couple of Blu-Rays… But, in the last few months, I began to realize that there’s no end to this. I have already collected all of the old time classics that I enjoy. I will limit myself to TV, movie theatres and the ocasional bargain bin.

  7. When it comes to film purchase, or for that matter games, it’s pretty much any port in a storm. A lot of my foreign films have been purchased via the net, but just as many have been bought locally. I do try to catch a lot of titles when they come on sale, but to be honest, as long as I don’t have to rob Fort Knox price isn’t usually a factor. My collection at the moment is just under 500 titles, but a lot of those are co-owned with my daughter. There will be blood when it comes time to divvy the collection up. LOL

  8. I used to have hundreds of DVDs but now that we can just download them to ANYTHING I sold them to free up some space in the living room. But rest assured, Andy – I still have a trunk full of my Doctor Whos : )

  9. I buy dvds. Never got into the blue ray thing and while I’ll rent via download I prefer to have a hard copy of my own if I love it. 🙂 I tried to start collecting laser discs but MAN those things were huge!

  10. I’ve collected quite a few movies over the years, though not nearly as many as some of the people who posted here. I usually only buy films that are either my favorites, so I want to own them, or films in the bargain bin that I probably couldn’t find elsewhere; the former kind of film I plan ahead on buying and the latter I come across by chance and buy on a whim.

  11. I do indeed buy and collect movies. I don’t have a Blu-Ray player yet, but I have a modest collection of about 100 DVDs. (It’d be larger, but other expenses have been taking priority with my currently-limited budget; my brother has about 800 though.) I enjoy having access to the extras, I enjoy not having to take up space on my hard drive or having to wait for things to buffer while downloading, and I also just enjoy having an actual physical item. (I’m the same way with CDs, and own 230 of them.)

  12. I collect some DVD’S, but only ones with personal significance. I collect all movies directed by Steven Spielberg. No explanation necessary there. I was a huge fan of the Lord of the Rings trilogy 25 years ago in college. No explanation needed there either. Star Wars, but only 4, 5 and 6. The Indiana Jones series, but I did not need crystal skull. That was a gift.

    I have an extensive Disney collection, but that is really for my kids. What I used to do was go to Blockbuster about a month after a movie was released on DVD. Then I could get movies at a price of about 4 dollars each. But blockbusters are now hard to find.

    There are some holiday movies that I collect so this way we can watch them when we want when Christmas is around. It’s a wonderful life, bills, and all the classic animated shows like Charlie Brown Christmas in Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.

  13. I love my collection, could never say goodbye haha I collect DVD’s but usually just special edition ones. Have about 1300 or DVD’s (stopped counting around there) and I have some great editions that I’m able to find and whatnot. A lot of people say it’s a waste of money but..if I see them over and over and enjoy my hobby then it doesn’t seem like a waste to me.

  14. Don’t have a Blu-Ray player (planning on getting one very soon) so I don’t buy Blu-Rays. I buy DVD’s but not as many as I’d like, although I’m very picky with what I finally purchase. It must be a film that I really like or one I’m sure I’m going to like. I also collect some VHS tapes.

  15. I don’t collect BluRay! There’s this voice inside me that whispers every time I pick up a BluRay movie saying, “It’s all a fad…”

    But I do collect DVDs. The boxes are in storage (lol) but I do keep the actual discs in a binder thing with thin pocket pages in it (I think it’s designed for music CDs), each pocket can hold 8 movies so one binder page thing can hold a lot.

    I mostly shop at Rasputin (their website: which is pretty spread out in the Bay Area. (The one in SF is the best… They have several floors worth of stuff.) Their shelves of movies, music, posters, tapes, cassettes, etc. are endless–used and new. They even have a section for adult movies. But not that I go around those areas! LOL

    • I felt the same way about blu-ray but I finally caved. I don’t like rebuking anything unless it’s greatly improved upon.

      Seems like a cool shop! Next time I’m in the bay area I’ll be sure to check it out

  16. When I was single I use to do this all the time – saw good DVD for cheap and it was mine. It would be a movie I might watch twice and that’s it. I didn’t need it. I am trying now to only buy movies that I know I will watch often. I still have a solid DVD collection though and some Blu-Rays.

      • Kids will change you completely – but it is a blast to have one. I’ve had a movie here since the start of September that I need to watch. I haven’t even thought about it since my little one came home.

  17. I have to restrain myself. I had a habit of picking movies up from bargain bins all the time. While they were cheaper, it kinda defeats the purpose when you pick up a handful at a time. I feel like I noticed how many movies I owned when I went to college and had to find space to stash the part of my collection I brought with me.

    I got myself to the point where I don’t really buy any more movies since I can stream them. I try to force myself to only buy something if it’s under a certain price and I know I will be able to watch it more than once a year.

    The nice thing about having a collection is that I can stop streaming or renting movies for a while and I’ll be fine.

  18. I like to look on Netflix first if I’m not completely apt to see it, or if I’m only a little interested. I do buy a lot of movies though. My collection must be over 300 now.. I look for it on Blu-Ray combo pack first if it’s new release, but I don’t mind buying films on DVD if it’s pretty cheap. I’m going to try to buy a few Criterion Collection flicks when Barnes and Noble (I think that’s the store you told me has the sale..) has their big sale.

  19. I collect movies. My rate has slowed significantly since getting married (increased accountability as to where the funds go!) but I still buy the occasional film I would definitely rewatch. With a video library near by, I am possibly renting more frequently than buying too – less financial risk/outlay, less permanent space required. (sorry, sustainability on the brain)

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