Do you have a favorite movie genre? (Friday Question Fun)

Friday! See past Friday Question Fun movies here. Today’s question is a seemingly easy one, but it may be hard to answer for some of you (including me…)

Do you have a favorite movie genre?

Now, this should be easy to answer assuming there are a finite number of genres, I don’t normally go in for the crazy made-up subgenres.

Everyone loves a good comedy, but I’m not sure if that would be my favorite…

I watch a lot of dramas, but again, not sure if they are a favorite…

In the end, I think it’s a tie between film noir and documentaries. If I had to just pick one, I think I would opt for documentaries. Why? When they are about an interesting subject, even if they are not produced very well, I still find them very interesting. I usually go out of my way to watch documentaries about subjects I’m not previously knowledgeable about, those are the documentaries that usually interest me the most.

So what about you?

91 responses to “Do you have a favorite movie genre? (Friday Question Fun)

      • Cube, Blade Runner (Kind of but not really, at least I don’t think so. I could be wrong), Event Horizon are the only three I can think of that would be somewhere in the psychological thriller aspect of sci-fi.

        As for like straight psychological thrillers my faves are: Session 9, The Machinist, Jacob’s Ladder, The Shining, A Tale of Two Sisters (The American remake of this movie called The Uninvited sucked), Suicide Club, and Noriko’s Dinner Table. There is probably more, but I cannot recall them all at the moment.

  1. For me, it’s a toss up between Horror and Westerns. Modern day Westerns are hard to come by and if you do happen to find one, they are not generally well done. (there are exceptions to the rule, of course) Horror though, is a different kettle of fish. I can usually find something is most horror films to enjoy, even if its laughing at the poor thing for all its foibles. 😀

  2. Hmmm, I watch plenty of dramas, but I guess that’s too broad of a choice. Maybe sci-fi, war, or gangster films. I like plenty of genres so it’s hard for me to pick a favorite.

  3. Very good questiin. I love Sci-Fi but the pickings have been slim. I’d say drama because they usually have stronger defined characters. Likewise gay themed usually fall in dramas.

  4. Horror for me. I have other genres I enjoy watching, but most of the time it is horror, scary, bloody, intense, any horror is good horror if it is done right.

  5. As a kid it was action and sci-fi. As I’ve grown more and more into a full blown movie buff I’ve embraced everything. I love good horror pictures, dramas, and even romantic comedies. I also love a good straight comedy but find it hard to get one these days. I love classic films and foreign films. Good grief, I guess I love them all…well, not porn. 😀

  6. Andy,
    I studied movies as a minor in university. I grew up harvesting my obsession with movies by Bergman, Woody Allen and Stanley Kubrick. But. I have a thing for horror flicks. I am always on the quest to find a few I haven’t seen, and believe me, I have gone through the big blockbuster ones to the indie ones held together with $20 and duct tape. My favourite being horror flicks about possession and hauntings.
    Le Clown

    • I wish I had studied film in college…I’ve even thought about going back just for that, but life has a way of getting too possessive of my time.
      I love that so many people love horror films, it’s such a raw genre, not even for the violence but just the filmmaking itself. Thanks!

  7. I love so many genres. The only thing I’m not crazy about is what I like to call “shoot-’em-up but skip the plot” action films. I like action when there’s a good story behind it, but if it’s just a ton of scenes of violence and destruction strung together, I’m not a fan. My favorite would have to be a tie between film noir and screwball comedies.

    • Yes! I was just talking about that over the weekend, action films don’t have to be mindless to be action-y.
      Also, I’m glad you used the term “screwball” to categorize comedies, I love that term.

  8. I don’t know if this surprises you (it does surprise a lot of people, I think) but my favorite genre (well, it’s a tie most days) is HORROR. There’s just something about it that instantly grabs my attention, whether it be playing on TV or when I happen to pass by a gruesome DVD cover. People assume I hate horror movies because I give a lot of them 1- and 2-star reviews (lol) but I love them! Even if it looks or sounds stupid, I’m always excited to watch a horror movie.

    Half of the time, my favorite genre is DRAMA. I love getting inside the skins of characters, trying to understand the inner turmoil they’re experiencing, and their eventual courses of actions. I think drama helps me to understand people a bit more.

    • I am a bit surprised by that, but you aren’t necessarily rating them based on enjoyment so it makes sense if you’re having a good time watching them!
      Using drama to understand people actually makes a lot of sense. Human nature is hard to categorize but drama films usually make a pretty good go at it.

  9. Mine is totally Horror but – out of that, my fave is the type of “Slumber Party Massacre / Sorority House Massacre” type of thing. Dumb, cheap fun with simple stories and simple acting.

  10. I love psychological thrillers to death. A close second is comedies and action films, but psychological thrillers take the cake for me

  11. I pretty much like all genres really – apart from musicals. But if I were to nail it down to one in particular – I’d have to say mindbender movies. Things like Jacob’s Ladder, Dark City, The Machinist, Lost Highway, Black Swan – anything that keeps me guessing – even after the film has ended.

  12. I think I’ll have to agree with the documentaries – I can watch a documentary on anything, and they’re generally made well as nobody thinks ‘I’ll slap together a doco and make some cash’.
    I like dramas and thrillers but they don’t always hold my attention or look good.
    Otherwise, I like the old Disney movies, that’s a genre, right? haha

  13. Get ready to be shocked…HORROR!! It makes up a significant portion of my viewing. I could blame ye olde horror blog, but I’ve been watching a disproportionate amount of horror films my entire life.

  14. It’s so hard to choose. I suppose I’ll take a drama or anything that tells a true story. Great question!

    PS I have just added you to my blogroll so that I can share your site with my followers!

  15. It’s really hard for me to choose, but I have a tie between Science Fiction and Classic movies. I know there are dramas and comedies and horror movies all around, but these two that I have mentioned stand out in some way… AND, they aren’t necessarily separate. For instance, a lot of classic movies are sci-fi… So, this being said, I’m gonna have to go with SCIENCE FICTION!

  16. I love me a good horror flick, but it’s rare for a really original one to come around these days. I like all genres, practically. So I guess I’d have to say horror. Good question!

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