Here is my interview with Rorschach Reviews – Check it out!

Rorschach Reviews

Andy Staats is the creator and writer behind Andy Watches Movies, one of the first review blogs I ever discovered after starting Rorschach Reviews.  Hailing from Chicago, Andy’s mission statement is the documentation of his quest to watch and review 300 movies in 2012 (of which he has currently worked his way through 211).

Rorschach Reviews: Why did you decide to start a movie blog?

Andy Staats: Originally I just wanted to keep a tally of the number of movies I watched in a year. In my head, I then made my goal of 300 movies which I thought was probably not too far off of normal. I had always talked with my dad about all the movies I watched and he passed away in January and I had no one to really talk to about all the movies I had just watched so I decided to start a…

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