Is knowing a movie has a twist ending a spoiler? (Friday Question Fun)

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This week, the question is simple and can be answered with a yes or no, but I’d like you to elaborate on your answer since lots of people are so touchy about spoilers.

Is knowing a movie has a twist ending a spoiler?

I saw this question come up on Reddit, I think and it really got me thinking about what is considered a spoiler these days. I mean, it’s nice going into a movie totally fresh but if you know there’s a twist at the end, are you just going to look for the twist and try to figure the movie out? Does that lessen the impact of the twist?

Personally, I think it does ruin a bit of the fun of the twist itself and the shocking thing is that many times, the trailer of the movie will mention there’s a twist. “You won’t believe the twist!” or “you’ll never see the twist coming!”. Well, I may not have seen the twist coming if I wasn’t informed about it…

I can also see how this is taking spoiler sensitivity a bit too far. I dunno, I guess I just like going in knowing as little about the film as possible. It really helps me absorb everything.

What about you?

69 responses to “Is knowing a movie has a twist ending a spoiler? (Friday Question Fun)

  1. Knowing what the twist is is certainly a spoiler, but knowing about the twist? Interesting question. I’ll have to give you a definite “maybe”.

    A lot of it is going to depend on the film and the twist. If it’s a sudden change in fate which doesn’t affect anything previous in the plot, then no, not necessarily (such as a sudden death at the end of a movie.) But if it’s a last-minute revelation that changes everything you know (such as revealing that Character X was the villain all along), then it can be a spoiler because once you’ve been told there’s a twist, your brain is keyed in to look for the foreshadowing.

  2. I think it just depends. If you go into the movie knowing that there’s a twist ending, usually if it’s a good enough twist then you shouldn’t be able to figure it out anyways. However, I’d much rather go into a film not knowing about the “twist” because it comes pretty close to spoiler territory. Great question.

  3. Interesting question! I think it depends on how the film is marketed to a certain extent. If it’s marketed that it’s got a massive twist then it can be easy to get distracted trying to work it out, especially if the film is not good enough to hold your attention otherwise. I definitely think a twist would have much more impact if you have no idea it’s coming, although with the Internet and that it’s pretty difficult to know absolutely nothing about a film, especially with the larger releases.

  4. Good question. I can hear quite a lot about a film and not have it ‘spoiled’ for me. The actual act of watching the film, if it’s good, will get me caught up in it. Any information I’ve learned, with the exception of how it ends, will get left by the wayside. But only if the movie is exceptional. 🙂

  5. I love going into a movie/book knowing nothing and hate any tiny spoilers, but knowing a movie has a twist doesn’t really spoil anything. It reminds me a bit of when Sheldon (from Big Bang Theory) thought that saying a comic was “mind-blowing” was a spoiler 😛

  6. I wouldn’t consider knowing that a movie has a twist is considered a spoiler. There have been plenty of films that have had twists that I didn’t see coming but knew the had them. The sad thing is though a lot of people like ruining twist endings (someone did that with me for Fight Club).

  7. I constantly beg my boyfriend to tell me every part of the movies we watch – so knowing twists and events doesn’t worry me much! Still, that said I think they give away waayy too much in trailers these days. Mystery is still good, movie making people, I only want to know what happens if said boyfriend has seen it before, not for a fresh, new movie.

    • Is there a reason you want to know all the details of a movie beforehand? My wife does that to me too and I always wondered if it was so she could focus on other things in the movie or if it was so she would better understand what was going on.

  8. I’m one of those people who loves to figure out puzzles, work out mysteries etc, and so knowing about twists can be hellish. I wish I could turn that part of my brain of for films sometimes but there you go. Certainly I can understand the point people are making about really good films involving you to the point where you forget that there was a twist, and that works for me sometimes, but still I would rather have never known in the first place.

  9. I’m absolutely anti spoiler. I don’t even watch trailers anymore in anticipation of certain scenes in the movies that I would continually wait for when I actually watched it. And knowing a movie has a twist ending absolutely counts as a spoiler in a more indirect way. Anticipation takes away from the experience. I know for a fact that watching certain movies with the anticipation of of a spoiler can ruin an experience for you. I won’t name some movies that it has happened to me for primarily because I don’t want to spoil any other readers!

  10. No. Knowing the precise way that the movie ends is a spoiler. Just because you know there’s a twist doesn’t mean you mean you know how the movie is going to end unless you know what the twist is. If you know the twist then you know the ending and oh my Lord I am giving myself a headache.

  11. Andy if anything it will make it more interesting for me, i need a hook to watch a movie and if there is a hint on the trailer even better…. All i need is everyone to shush about the ending!

  12. I don’t think that fact of knowing there is a twist is too harmful. Its not necessarily a spoiler as we don’t know what the twist is. It just depends on the expectations for that movie and the genre. Also, depends on how captivating the movie actually is.

    Deal is, a twist was designed to be unexpected, if there is knowledge of the twist, then it wouldn’t be a surprise now, would it? The surprise was supposed to be the full experience though.

    So, its a maybe for me, leaning towards the yes.

  13. I am going to be completely honest. Absolutely not. It is almost obvious that a movie will have a twist ending nowadays. It is more rare for a movie not to have the twist than to have it. It’s pretty ridiculous, but how does it spoil you if you already figured as much?

    • Hm, I never assume films have twists so I guess that’s where our opinions differ. If I suspect a movie has a twist (even if I don’t know it does) I still try to figure it out because I can’t shut my puzzle-loving brain off.

      • haha, I guess I wouldn’t say I assume it will. I have just seen so many movies with them, like a staggering amount, that when a twist ending happens, I’m not really surprised.

        I’ll be honest, they are starting to get annoying because from the look of things, it’s like they think they have to make a movie have a twist ending to be any good. Some even have multiple twist endings, where I just end up saying…”Oh, honey…” because they try way too hard, and accomplish the opposite of what they were going for

  14. For me a “twist ending” is vague enough that it doesn’t bother me. But it
    does warn me so I stay away from more movie articles that could spoil things.

  15. Yes and no…
    Most things have twist endings these days, so in that sense, no… it’s not a spoiler.

    On the other hand, it absolutely is! People told me that the season 4 finale of Dexter had a twist ending and it was so good… and I knew what was going to happen before it even did. Same with The Walking Dead and the search for Sophia.

    Confusing enough?

  16. Yes, for me it’s a definite spoiler. As soon as you know there’s a twist, you know that you’re being led up the garden path and what you’re watching is not the ‘truth’. I just end up guessing and it’s a distraction from the movie experience. I’d rather be totally surprised – isn’t that the point of a twist anyway?!

  17. Good question, and Yup! I think it is. Cause whenever I hear “Spoiler Warning,” I’m thinking, ok, twist, and then I watch the movie “on the lookout”.

    If I approach a movie that way, I’m nailing 9 out of 10, Andy. Seriously. So… yup!

  18. I would say yes. I wouldn’t want to be expecting it. The sixth sense floored me because I knew nothing was coming.

  19. Knowing or not knowing there’s a twist doesn’t really make much difference with me, if I’m able to lose myself in the film. That feeling you get when give yourself over completely and become immersed is the reason I love movies so much. It’s kinda’ like those ‘magic pictures’ from a decade ago – the ones which appear to be nothing more than a bunch of squiggly lines – but if you stare long enough – a 3D image magically appears. It doesn’t happen all that often (with movies, I mean), but when it does – it’s the closest thing to a virtual experience. Gee, that’s getting a bit off-topic, huh? Great question!

  20. Good question. Put me down on the spoiler side. What makes a twist ending a twist ending is that it is unexpected. Sure even if you know there is one, you may not know what it is, but nonetheless half the impact is already gone just from knowing there will be one. Its definitely a spoiler.

  21. Yes, it’s a spoiler. You start to look for clues and try to figure it out before it happens. Although, it’s always awesome when, even though you know there’s a twist coming, it’s something so surprising and unpredictable.

  22. Good question Andy. I tend to lean towards it not being a spoiler as the twist can come in many forms but is suppose when your sitting waiting for it, it could lessen the impact. I must keep this in mind when I post reviews. I never give te ending away but sometimes I’m prone to mentioning endings that let a film down.

    • I understand what you’re saying – I try to be mindful to all spoilers but there comes a point where the onus lies on the reader, if you’re reading something about a movie you haven’t seen, everything you read should be considered a spoiler to some extent.

      • That’s a fair point. We have to disclose some things otherwise what’s the point? 😉
        I do try to avoid mentioning major plot developments though as a lot of people, rightly, do.

    • So you never sit there trying to figure it out?
      I wouldn’t say it ruins it for me either, but it almost always lessens the impact.

  23. In ways yes, but in other ways, no. I’m one for being ambiguous, sometimes… If someone told me that it had a twist ending, I wouldn’t be very upset – but I’d rather not know. I like to be caught by surprise. If someone says the film has twists and turns, that really isn’t a spoiler to me – because most movies have twists and turns. If I do know it has a wicked twist ending though, it takes away a bit from my enjoyment because all I want to know is what the twist is – and that was the case for one film that was on the top of a list for great movie twists.

    You think of the best questions, haha.

  24. A red flag goes up when a trailer announces a twist ending. If a movie is done well a twist ending shoulld not even occur. The viewer should pick up on the ending with foreshadowing throughout the movie but not have it all laid out obviously either. A twist ending for me often means a tacked on ending that came out of nowhere with little or no logic to it.

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