Bill Cunningham New York (9/25/12)

Bill Cunningham New YorkMovie Two Hundred Seventeen

Bill Cunningham New York is a documentary about an iconic New York Times fashion photographer.

Bill Cunningham has worked for the New York Times for decades and is most well known for his “On the Street” and “Evening Hours” fashion photography columns. We follow Bill as he rides his bicycle around New York city taking photographs of fashion trends that he finds interesting. Most of the fashion Bill photographs is strange, colorful, and unique but he says himself that he takes pictures of things he likes. Living a modest life outside his work, Bill is the man to please for many of New York’s high society and yet he is merely doing what he enjoys.

Bill Cunningham New York is one of those documentaries that is about very little but manages to entertain for the entire length of the film. Bill is a unique man that has literally been doing the same things since the 1960s. He doesn’t claim to be a force in fashion and yet the people that are fashionistas clamor to be featured in his columns.

While I couldn’t care less about fashion or fashion trends, it really takes a backseat to Bill himself in Bill Cunningham New York. We follow Bill as he will be evicted from his tiny, filing cabinet filled apartment in Carnegie Hall. We see him riding his bicycle around town. We learn that he was once a hat maker and we even see clips of him from the 60s or 70s doing exactly what he is doing now. In fact, Bill even uses a 35mm film camera in this digital age. Above all though, is Bill’s extreme dedication to his work. One could say that his job has consumed him, but that doesn’t seem to be a fair assessment since it seems to be one thing that he enjoys more than anything else in the world.

Documentaries about quirky individuals ride a very fine line between showcasing their subject and poking fun at them and Bill Cunningham New York treats Bill with a great amount of respect while not omitting his quirks or flaws. As a man set in his ways, you will likely be charmed by Bill as the fashion setters of New York City have been. BIll Cunningham New York will likely endear you to Bill by the end.

I give it 4 Bill Cunninghams (doesn’t he look a bit like Clint Eastwood?) out of 5.


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15 responses to “Bill Cunningham New York (9/25/12)

  1. Documentaries are my second favorite Genre behind Dramas. So with that, and my love of fashion, I am definitely going to seek this out. Thanks for bringing something to my attention I had never heard of before.

    p.s. – He does look a little like Clint Eastwood.

  2. I’ve always wanted to watch this documentary. It’s been sitting in my “q” for years now. LOL I saw a small clip of this documentary in my Journalism class and yes, he does look like Eastwood. Maybe…that is Eastwood. OOooh, did we just stumble onto something here?

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