Primal Fear (10/13/12)

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After an altar boy is accused of murder, a defense attorney struggles with winning the case and finding the truth in Primal Fear.

Martin Vail (Richard Gere) is a hotshot Chicago defense attorney that will do anything to be in the public eye and also to get his high-paying clients acquitted. Vail sees that an altar boy named Aaron Stampler (Edward Norton) has been accused of brutally killing an archbishop and is on the run from police. Vail decides to take up Stampler’s case pro-bono, knowing the publicity will be worth it. Aaron, a soft spoken southern boy seems completely incapable of murder and says he had nothing to do with the archbishop’s killing, despite being found covered in his blood. He is adamant that there was a third man in the room with them that committed the crime. After interviews with a psychologist (Frances McDormand), it’s discovered that Aaron has a second personality named Roy and that Roy is who really killed the archbishop. It’s up to Vail to win the case and also find out what is really going on with Aaron/Roy.

The reason for my wanting to watch Primal Fear again came about from browsing the Internet for memorable endings to films. Primal Fear happens to be on a number of these lists and with good reason. I remembered the ending but had forgotten most of the actual plot leading up to that point and decided to rewatch this gripping thriller.

Primal Fear is the movie that brought us the enormous talent of Edward Norton front and center, it was his first major acting gig. As far as I’m concerned, Norton blows the role out of the water. He does such a tremendous job, basically shifting between two completely opposing characters, sometimes in the same scene and doesn’t miss a beat. It seems like Norton doesn’t get much praise but he’s one of the best actors in the business in my mind. I’ve always been lukewarm about Gere (though I do love me some Mothman Prophecies), but he didn’t bug me too much. Laura Linney, who plays the prosecuting attorney, is fantastic as always.

The biggest drive that Primal Fear has, however, is the story. At times it gets a bit bogged down by the legal side of things as well as some of Vail’s narcissism, but for the most part there is a driving force towards the end of the trail and the truth behind the case. It’s a film that keeps you guessing until the very end and the payoff is worth every minute. Even knowing the ending of Primal Fear doesn’t spoil the experience but it does make the slow parts of the film seem slower. If you haven’t seen Primal Fear yet and miraculously haven’t ran afoul of spoilers, check it out.

I give it 4 slackjawed Edward Nortons out of 5.


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32 responses to “Primal Fear (10/13/12)

  1. Yeah, nice call, this is an excellent flick. I’ve watched it more than once myself, and though nothing can replace that jaw dropping first time when you get hit with the twist, this definitely holds up well even if you know the end, as you say. 😀

    Nice choice!

  2. I guess it’s pretty obvious to say that Norton steals the show in this and totally makes this his own film for the taking. It’s not a great thriller, but it’s a really good one with it’s twist ending and tense courtroom scenes. I think the problem is that I just despise Richard Gere. I’m sorry to say that about a fellow Philadelphian. Good review Andy.

  3. Excellent look at this one Andy. I wholeheartedy agree. Norton is an amazing talent and he’s absolutely superb here. What range he shows. As for Gere, I couldn’t less about him. The Mothman Prophecies was a decent flick but Norton shows him how to act here. One of my favourite endings to a film.

  4. Norton was absolutely AMAZING in this movie. Although you gotta wonder… while Norton is a great actor that pulled off the double role, why does that automatically mean his character Aaron Stamper is able to do the same?

  5. Like you I am completely indifferent to Richard Gere, Andy. However, Edward Norton is another story. The man is a fantastic actor.

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