Drag Me To Hell (10/23/12)

Drag Me To HellMovie Two Hundred Thirty Seven

A gypsy woman casts a curse on a young bank employee in Drag Me To Hell.

Christine Brown (Alison Lohman) is a loan officer up for a promotion and is advised by her boss that she needs to make tough decisions. When a gypsy woman named Sylvia Ganush (Lorna Raver) comes in for an extension on her mortgage, Christine is cursed by the gypsy and is haunted by unseen forces. Her boyfriend, Clay (Justin Long), tries to understand what is happening, but has trouble swallowing what Christine is trying to tell him. After involving a psychic medium, Christine is willing to do anything to break the curse and free herself from the demon Lamia.

Drag Me To Hell was one of my most anticipated movies, coming from Sam Raimi returning to his brilliant horror roots and it does not disappoint, even after multiple viewings. If you appreciate all the comedic elements of Evil Dead II or Army of Darkness, in addition to the gore of those movies, Drag Me To Hell should already be on your viewing list. The gypsy curse storyline is a bit played out but it never feels too dated.

The actors in Drag Me To Hell are the weakest link in the chain for me. Not only do I cringe seeing Justin Long on screen most of the time, Alison Lohman looks like she’s about to fall asleep when she isn’t screaming and something about her face just…bugs me. So Lohman and Long together onscreen as a couple is mildly nauseating to me, but it doesn’t ruin Drag Me To Hell in any major way. I imagine it was hard to cast a lead actress that is pretty and also willing to have bugs and other gross things poured into her mouth, so I’ll be a little more lenient on Lohman.

I have been out of the loop for most horror films made recently and I usually don’t feel like I’m missing out but I’m really glad I got on the Drag Me To Hell bandwagon. Sam Raimi may have lost the respect of some fans after his Spider-Man trilogy but I never lost hope. I grew up with Evil Dead and Sam Raimi was a filmmaker I admired. Drag Me To Hell is a throwback, some may say it’s a throwback to a fault, but to me, it’s pretty much just a great modern horror movie with some nostalgic sensibilities.

I give it 4 best use of possessed villainous handkerchief ever out of 5.


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43 responses to “Drag Me To Hell (10/23/12)

  1. This is proof that Raimi needs to do more horror! Supposedly he’s writing a horror story with his brother now that he’s finished up with Oz. Fingers crossed.

  2. Great to see Raimi back doing what he does best. I watched the director’s cut recently and much prefer the original theatrical release – way too much barfing! Enough already with the barfing! 🙂

  3. When I first saw this I thought it was going to be a straight up horror so didn’t really get it first time around. The goat, for example, lost me completely. Having seen it again though, I like it a lot more although I totally agree with you about the actors, particularly Mr Long. Ugh.

    • I can totally see being put off by the weird sense of humor in things like if you don’t expect it.
      Long doesn’t ruin movies for me, I don’t outright dislike him, I just find him kind of irritating. That said, I would much rather have had anyone else play his role in this movie.

  4. Saw this in the cinema, bought the Blu-ray (and reviewed the film) I ABSOLUTELY adore it. It was fun to see Sam put someone else through the mill. I wonder if he thought of Bruce Campbell while he was torturing the lead? Great review, great film. 😀

  5. Didn’t love it like everybody else, but I can still say that it’s a horror flick that has a lot of fun with itself, in an old-fashioned, Raimi fashion. Nice review Andy.

  6. I enjoyed this somewhat in the theater but every time I think about watching it again I feel sick. It seemed like every time the lead actress turned around there was something gross hitting her in the face if not directly in the mouth, and at one point I think the old woman even gummed her on the face. Ew!!! Regardless, I hope Alison Lohman comes back to make more movies someday, because she was super talented. Loved her in White Oleander and Matchstick Men.

  7. I love this film,most horrors these days bore me,when that pikey looking lady starts tapping her fingers on the desk the hair on the back of my neck stood up like a soldier outside the palace.

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