So I watched Prometheus again…

If nothing else, it solidified my thoughts and I came up with a few more interesting theories on what is going on for the bigger picture. I highly recommend repeat viewings and if you own a blu-ray player, get the 3D edition of the film for the extras in the set.

My updated review


I watched Prometheus again on blu-ray and was blown away by the presentation. As far as blu-rays go, it’s one of the nicest ones ever produced from what I’ve seen. I have yet to go through all the special features, but the few I watched were very eye-opening so I look forward to seeing what else is in store. After a second viewing, I am less inclined to believe that Prometheus has any glaring plot holes; yes, there are parts with all too convenient writing, and other parts are quite nebulous but that is fiction, people.

Prometheus should not be a movie that explains everything, especially when the point is the creation of life itself. Too much explanation would make for a fumbling movie and Prometheus deftly skirts these issues at times and if it seems like it is tackling something head-on, it drops off just short of giving everything away.Obviously many folks saw this as poor writing and I can certainly see how it’s frustrating to expect answers and not get them. I see it as a puzzle and the movie lays out most of the edge pieces for us but leaves many pieces with the face side down for us to flip over ourselves, or at least theorize what piece goes where.

I appreciated Prometheus much more after a second viewing and I urge the people that doubted it to view it again. The 3D blu-ray package is worth buying for the special features alone, even if you don’t own a 3D player/TV because there is a full disc in this version not found on the regular blu-ray set. Will the special features answer everything? Not likely – but as I said, they shouldn’t answer everything.

25 responses to “So I watched Prometheus again…

  1. I think my main problem with Prometheus was just how much of a cash-in it felt like. It was as if Scott was using the Alien universe to sell the film he really wanted to make which was about extraterrestrial origins of life. I also thought the characters were awful, barring Fassbender and Rapace. I am, however, intrigued to watch it again, particularly if the Blu-ray is packed with special features.

    • It’s a fine line for any prequel-ish movie to walk between cash-in and expanding the film universe. I now believe Prometheus is the latter…and more.
      I still think the supporting cast was devolved into useless stereotypes, but I think that was just a matter of time and pacing, unfortunately. There is more of them (somewhat) in the extras, though.

    • I don’t think so…BUT I’m more confident in selecting a 4/5. It’s still something I think I’m going to spend a lot of time watching and rewatching, which is something I usually reserve for 5/5 movies, if that gives you any perspective on where I’m coming from.

  2. I enjoyed the shit out of this movie in the theater. I was only let down by the fact that it was advertised as a sort of “horror” experience when it was far from that. Solid movie all around!

  3. what did you think about the scene in which the “ghosts” of the beings were running into a chamber and a door came down, decapitating one of them? i think that’s a darwinian statement. the slower, the weaker sometimes get killed. survival of the fittest.

      • i believe they were running from another tribe of their kind that was attacking them. in the beginning of the film we saw the guy with the toga. he was from a peaceful tribe of their “kind.” later we see the one that was covered in sort of a body armor, and he was from a more aggressive tribe of their kind. like the guy in that ship at the very end. they had come to wipe out the peaceful tribe and then also find the planets on which the peaceful ones had “seeded,” then go and destroy those people/offspring.

        this is all my opinion, nothing i’ve officially read.

  4. I was one of it’s critics Andy but I will give it another go someday. You’re not the first to actually say this. A lot of people are sharing your views on an improved revisit. For this reason I will.

    • I think you will go in with re-aligned expectations and you’ll be more perceptive to what the film delivers instead of what it lacks. Or maybe you’ll notice its deficiencies more, but I think it will be the former. Looking forward to seeing what you think, Mark!

  5. “I see it as a puzzle and the movie lays out most of the edge pieces for us but leaves many pieces with the face side down for us to flip over ourselves, or at least theorize what piece goes where.”

    Yes this is the way I see it. And who doesn’t love a good puzzle!?

  6. I love your metaphor of the puzzle, that was so ingenious way of looking at it. Could apply to Tree of Life another fav of ours.

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