My October Movies Round-Up

We are officially in the final stretch of 2012, everyone. Here it is, the middle of November, and I’m finally finished writing up my movies from October. I need to get caught up here!

My goal of 300 movies in 2012 is looking like it’s doable, but it’s going to be tough. I really envy those of you that tackled a movie a day, I think I could watch a movie every day but writing about it too?! No way. I’m sure you’re all aware of how much time I spend reading through your various blog entries so I hope that gets noticed as a huge investment of time. I could very easily just watch movies and then instantly write about them but I think the reviews would feel sterile and I’m sure I wouldn’t have near the amount of awesome support you guys give me in return. Seriously, this site has been an absolute pleasure to run and I hope you feel even an ounce of the gratitude you all deserve. Thank you.

With the holiday season fast approaching, you’ll probably see a shift to my regular holiday scheduled movie watching, but I’ll try to keep things diverse, like they usually are.

Now is the time for me to brainstorm my goal for 2013 – Please help me out if you have any good ideas! Doesn’t have to be long-term goals, I could have monthly goals too.

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October movies I watched:

  1. E.T.
  2. Casino
  3. Shotgun Stories
  4. Drive
  5. Vivre Sa Vie
  6. The Master
  7. Chillerama
  8. Headhunters
  9. Dracula [1931]
  10. Umberto D.
  11. Oslo, August 31
  12. Primal Fear
  13. Ikiru
  14. Decalogue: Film One
  15. Decalogue: Film Two
  16. Little Shop of Horrors
  17. Decalogue: Film Three
  18. Drag Me To Hell
  19. Frankenstein
  20. Bride of Frankenstein
  21. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (Nostalgiathon entry)
  22. Prometheus
  23. Hotel Transylvania (review pending)
  24. Training Day
  25. Re-Animator
  26. The Girl
  27. Young Frankenstein

October Statistics:

Movies watched / Days in the month = 27/31 = ~87.1%
My average movie rating = ~4.111
Average IMDB rating = ~7.5
Average Rotten Tomatoes rating = ~86%
First time viewings = 14
Total runtime =  2702 minutes = ~45 hours

Method of watching:

  • Blu-Ray = 9
  • DVD = 2
  • Netflix (DVD rental) = 4
  • Netflix Instant = 4
  • Theater = 7
  • TV/TiVo = 1

Year to Date Statistics:

Movies watched / Days elapsed = 246/305 = ~80.7%
Percentage of my goal complete = 246/300 = 82%
Percentage of year complete = 274/366 = ~83.3%
Percentage ahead = 0% (~1.3% behind)
Movies remaining vs. days remaining = 54 vs. 61
My average movie rating = ~3.988
Average IMDB rating = ~7.4
Average Rotten Tomatoes rating = ~78%
First time viewings = 153
Total runtime = 26042 minutes = ~434 hours = ~18.1 days

Method of watching:

  • Amazon Instant = 1
  • Blu-Ray = 68
  • DVD = 37
  • Netflix (DVD rental) = 26
  • Netflix Instant = 70
  • Theater = 37
  • TV / TiVo = 3
  • Hulu = 3
  • Steam = 1

41 responses to “My October Movies Round-Up

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  2. Ah, Young Frankenstein. Just ordered the mel brooks collection off amazon so I should be watching that one shortly. Keep up the good work man. Almost there.

  3. This was a great month for you. Your average rating for movies at an 4.1 and an IMDb rating of 7.5, you picked some good movies. I have confidence you will reach that 300 mark just make the last 20 movies or so ones you really want to see so you have some extra drive to reach 300.

    As for next year, I think more than 300 is asking a lot so maybe set some genre goals. Maybe there is a genre you watch less often so set quotas for different genres. Just an idea. Good luck!

    • Yeah, I usually watch TONS of movies around Christmas, so I think I’ll be OK.
      I like the idea of genre goals, my only concern is that the genre that I don’t typically watch is rom-com…and I’m not sure I can handle watching too many rom-coms haha

      • Haha I am right there with you. Well just set the goal for rom-com’s low and bump up maybe horror or action or another genre. The goals for each genre do not need to be the same but they do need to be challenging

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