My picks for CinEnema’s 3 for 1 feature

Catalin from CinEnema let me write an entry for the 3 for 1 feature! It was fun to write, and if you want to write one, just let Catalin know.


Hello hellraisers, hippies and honorable horror hounds,

As another week has passed, it’s time for the mandatory 3 for 1 feature. This week, I’ve had to cajole the living daylights out of Andy, over at Andy Watches Movies.Who’s Andy? Well he’s this guy that, along with Misty from CinemaSchminemahave had the great idea of doing something called Nostalgiathon. Also, his plan for this year is to watch 300 movies. Currently he’s at movie #251 . Still 49 movies to go with 1 month and a half left of the year. Will he do it? Will he succeed? Probably. Hopefully. Everyone’s rooting for him! Hurrah!

Well, enough chit-chat, let’s get to the meat of the matter: The 3 for 1 feature with the year 2001.

3 for 1 – Andy Watches Movies

The year: 2001

The movies: Ocean’s Eleven, Planet of the Apes, Thirteen Ghosts

Common denominator:

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