Do you buy or rent movies? (Friday Question Fun)

Friday Question Fun

Since I think this is strictly a US thing…for those of you outside the US, the day after Thanksgiving most stores have huge sales/promotions in an effort to kick off holiday shopping called Black Friday. Malls become filled with pushy shoppers, streets become littered with idiotic drivers, and wallets become empty and abused. But man, some deals can be had!

So the question this week is split:

Do you normally buy or rent movies?

If you are in the US, what Black Friday deals are you taking advantage of?

I am a big fan of buying movies. Some may say I have an addiction but I say I have a hobby, dammit! Still, I do rent or stream a lot of movies, but there’s something special about owning it, you know? Usually I only buy movies I think I would watch more than once and/or watch the special features on. Otherwise, I don’t feel like I’m getting value from it. The exception to this is my collection of Criterion blu-rays – I will buy and keep a Criterion almost regardless of whether or not the movie holds my interest.

As for Black Friday deals, I’ve already started thanks to I tend to avoid getting in line super early to shop, it just doesn’t appeal to me but online shopping deals make me go wide-eyed with delight. I’m hoping to lighten my bank account a little more before the weekend is over.

What about you?

58 responses to “Do you buy or rent movies? (Friday Question Fun)

  1. I prefer buying films, particularly if, like you say, I intend on watching it again or want to see the special features. I’m running out of room to house them all now though, so I’m starting to rent them or stream them a little more now. As for Black Friday, companies are starting to clock on over here in the UK, even though I doubt most people actually know what the whole thing’s about. I’m having to save money for Christmas though now, so no deals for me 😦

  2. I love buying movies. I have become more selective over the years. I do prefer to buy it especially when its movies that I’ve seen and enjoyed immensely. It has come to the point where my DVD/Blurays can’t fit on my shelf and just sit on the floor.

    As for Black Friday, Canada has caught on, at least Quebec seems to have. We’ve already gotten all the flyers for the Black Friday weekend. So I am prepared to have a few additions to my movies. Just a few since I just got back from vacation and I had already splurged somewhat on cheap Blurays and updating my Studio Ghibli collection.

  3. Both. But recently I have been buying less. I realized I have a lot of films on DVD or Blu-Tay, but there are only a few that I actually watch repeatedly. So now I usually buy films that really affected/impressed me and/or the Criterion Collection version of a film I like.

  4. LOL. Black Friday is hell on earth. I want to stay locked in my house as if the zombie apocalypse has hit. Went to the movies late last night to get a jump on my movie watching for the weekend. Ok? 10 oclock at night, on Thanksgiving… But a couple of stores in the mall were opening at night early… the parking lot was more packed than Ive ever seen it. Cops, crowds. It was insane….

    Anyways, I do a mix of both, rent and buy. LOL πŸ˜‰

    • We figured we would come out of our food comas and got to Target at around 9pm on Thanksgiving and the line inside the store wrapped around the entire store and even went up and down the aisles. It was absolutely insane. No deal would make me wait in line for hours just to check out.

  5. I usually just rent and then if I LOVE something I’ll go buy it (if it’s Blu Ray)

    As for Black Friday – I’ve been eyeballing this 80 inch TV at Sam’s for about four months but the price has NOT been right. I’m hoping that someone has it for about half of the latest cost today!!!!!

  6. I tend to buy movies on DVD. Sometimes I’ll rent them or stream them off Netflix but I like owning them.

    As for Black Friday, I shop on Amazon as well and look for good deals.

  7. I now buy most movies because I can usually get them for nearly the same price as a rental. The ones I really like I keep, and the others I trade in for credit at some of the stores that sell used dvds/blu-rays. I’ve been thinking about signing up with Netflix recently for streaming films because there are a lot of new movies I want to see but most of them I don’t feel the need to own.

  8. I used to buy a lot of movies, but now I usually rent with Netflix, both DVD and streaming. I also will rent Amazon streaming movies, which has made it easier for me to see film I would otherwise never watch. I now only buy films like The Avengers or movies with great special features.

  9. I do buy a lot of movies, but I think I rent more than anything, especially if streaming is included. I have both DVD and instant streaming on Netflix, plus there’s Amazon Instant Video, the Internet Archive, two local libraries with very good DVD collections and my university library.
    As for Black Friday, I don’t plan on leaving the house today haha. I did order a box set from TCM this morning (60% off!) but that’s the extent of my shopping.

  10. I’m a renter these days – even movies I have seen in the theater if I want to re visit them I will probably just rent them. I only buy movies that I know I will watch a ton of times. I use to buy everything, but these days I just rent.

    No Black Friday stuff for me unless The Amazing Spider-Man is cheap somewhere.

  11. I used to be a VHS, Laserdisc & DVD collector, but eventually subscribed to the philosophy that “the more you own, the more owns you” (I’m not selling that, it just works for me). So I sold off most of my collection and now mostly rent or stream. However, I definitely still purchase titles which I find myself returning often to, or which either mean a lot to me, or if I have no other choice in order for me to see it.

    I did take advantage of both Warner Archive’s Black Friday sale, as well as VCI’s, but I’m staying away today from offline stores.

  12. I love renting. It’s cheap and easy and you can discover much more films than if you just purchased them. If I really love one, then I buy it, but if not, I’m happy it stayed as a rental and didn’t have a big effect on my wallet.

  13. I’m usually a renter, but there are certain movies I buy on DVD (like The Dark Knight Rise, Skyfall, any Judd Apatow movie). I like the buy the movies I really like on the first day it comes out. I love those 2 disc extra packed DVD specials.

    Black Friday is ridiculous in Hawai’i. This past Monday, there was a line outside of Best Buy. All I can think about is…”How did you guys get out of work for a week?!?” I’m more of a Cyber Monday. I hate the crowds, the waiting, and the fights over stupid stuff like kids toys. I find I can similar (or even better) deals online than in the stores.

  14. This is an interesting question, Andy. In the past (a long time ago) we did have a video rental account. But then when the shop closed down and we found a new one they wanted so much proof of ID. Like three different utilities bills and my mum was never impressed with that… so renting films has always been rare for me. I buy.Buy, buy, buy. The way I see it is (that although cinema’s great, it’s expensive!) that DVDs are so cheap now that you can usually get a great deal. Last Christmas I made the suggestion to my man that we treat ourselves to a projector and surround sound set. I love our big screen – unfortunately he’s got it and is hundreds of miles away right now. But he’s also got the big white walls. It’s the best thing we’ve ever bought. Truly. Besides, you never know if you’ll want to watch something again…

  15. I usually just stick with Netflix and/or streaming options, but I have been buying a lot of Blu-ray box sets lately. Couldn’t pass up the Coen Brothers collection for $20 last week, for example.

  16. I generally rent first, unless it is that special movie then, it’s buy right off the bat. I think we have well over 400 films in our collection, my daughters and mine. It has stopped growing as money gets tighter.
    I’m glad Black Friday has yet to take off over here. Sounds like special kind of hell. πŸ™‚

  17. I don’t actually remember the last time I rented a movie. I think it was sometime last century. πŸ™‚ However, seeing as dvds/blu-rays are so cheap these days – I’m more inclined to buy a film I’ve heard good word of mouth about and take a punt on it. And hey, if I don’t like it – I can always give it away to someone who does. πŸ™‚

  18. i only buy two kinds of movies: 1. every spielberg movie, just because it’s the one thing (i think) that i collect. 2. movies that i have no doubt that i will want to watch over and over again. with netflix and other ways to easily access films, i buy a lot fewer than i used to buy.

  19. I used to buy movies on Blu-ray like there was no tomorrow. I was up to about 450? However, after my first kid came two years ago, I could no longer play my movies loud so I sold off the majority of my home theatre gear (now regretting that decision). So now I borrow movies from friends and rent at the local video store. Great question!

  20. Okay…I am going to have big confession here. I download them πŸ™‚
    The reason is simple, movies I like aren’t available here….and I only collect movies I like the most.

    The recent example is The Mighty Boosh, I download all the series and fell deeply in love with it…when I already like it that much, i will start finding way to import it here. I will have the original DVD on Dec 13 πŸ™‚

    In conclusion, i download them and buy them when I find them incredibly interesting πŸ™‚

      • It’s so easy to find Hollywood movies here…but I don’t know if you notice it or not that I am not that crazy with Hollywood movies.

        I am planning to have all the originals of Cillian Murphy’s movies and The Mighty Boosh collection…but all in good time. It’s very expensive to buy imported DVDs πŸ˜‰

  21. I like buying films that A) I will watch repeatedly, or B) has extra features that delve into the making of the film in an extraordinary way (other than the feel-good HBO First Look love fests).

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