What do you prefer calling movies? (Friday Question Fun)

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While I’m away, this week’s question comes from Daniel Prinn of Daniel’s Film Reviews.

What do you prefer calling movies?

Most terminology for “movie” is a bit dated now; “Film”, “celluloid”, “flick”, “motion picture”, “silver screen”, and “talkie” all come to mind. Even “movie”, being shorthand for “moving picture” is dated terminology, but these terms have stuck.

Personally, and this should be fairly obvious, I prefer the term “movies” or “films” even though few movies are recorded on actual film, I don’t see the term “digitals” ever taking off. However, even with the dated terminology, I like having the options.

What about you?

62 responses to “What do you prefer calling movies? (Friday Question Fun)

    • Funny you mention that, I’ve noticed that as well. I feel like the term “cinema” is used more where “theater” would be used here in the States. When I hear “theater” I associate it to movies rather than the stage.

  1. Generally I use ‘film’ but I guess sometimes I’ll use ‘movie’. Never really use any other term, and yeah like you I really can’t see ‘digitals’ becoming popular.

  2. I flip between movie and film depending on what fits the sentence better. It doesn’t bother me much that “film” is technically outdated… after all, we still talk about dialing a telephone even though many of the people doing so have never seen an actual telephone dial…

  3. N
    Does porn count? Joking, I usually say movie but if I’m critiquing movies of different genres or different media in the same post I say features more often lately.

  4. I use them all interchangeably : movie, film, flick, feature, piece, work, offering, effort. I’m sure I’m forgetting a few…but I’m happiest when I can work the term “picture,” in there somewhere, because it sounds graceful and old fashioned to my mind. If I write a review where the most-used word is movie movie movie movie I am not happy with the flow.

  5. i guess literally it’s no longer “film” since it’s mostly digital. however, it depends who i’m speaking with. talking to kids or friend, probably “movie.” posting comments on roger ebert’s website, probably “film.” i think. crap. not sure.

  6. I try to use the word “film” to describe a movie. Sometimes I just refer to them simply as “movies,” either because that’s just how it comes out, or because I’ve put “film” to an overuse. Nice question!

  7. Movie and film. Sometimes picture. Sometimes material (in reference to the screenplay). Depends on the ebb and flow of any given sentence or paragraph. 🙂

  8. When writing, I like using the work “flick” as much as possible, though when talking I usually either use the term “movie” or “DVD” since that’s how we watch most of our movies.

  9. I still call them movies or films. sometimes i say flick, but that is few and far between. I don’t think the name is ever going to change unless popular culture declares it.

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