DVD Court – Dec. 11

I missed out on posting last week’s DVD Court since I was gone, but now that I’m back (and trying to catch up on everything else) here is this week’s! Yay!

This week’s major releases are:

  • Ted
  • Ice Age 4
  • The Bourne Legacy

Are you guys picking up any releases this week?


9 responses to “DVD Court – Dec. 11

  1. I’m holding off in case Santa gives me gift cards I can use against purchases. What I would buy is Ted unrated version. Without a doubt the funniest politically incorrect movie of the year. Tropic Thunder held that title a year or so ago. Smart, didn’t take itself seriously and the actors had as much or more fun than the audience.

      • re the history of film series while it would make a good gift to yourself I find that these themed pieces sometimes see what they want to see if that makes sense. If your looking for some subtext or evidence of a genre you will likely findit if you look hard enough. I saw two parts of this series at the cinema and I can’t even remember what the content was so I guess I’d suggest a rent or stream service if you can find them there in time.

          • I’ve been looking unsuccessfully for that Keanu Reeves hosted documentary on digital vs celluloid motion picture making. Canada doesn’t get exactly the same feed from Netflix or Xbox Video as the U.S. This is one worth owning.

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