Beyond the Black Rainbow (11/27/12)

Beyond the Black RainbowMovie Two Hundred Seventy Three

A woman is held captive by a strange corporation and a strange doctor in Beyond the Black Rainbow.

[I was having difficulty recounting the plot, so here is Wikipedia‘s version]

“In 1983, deep within the mysterious Arboria Institute, a beautiful girl (Eva Allan) is held captive by a scientist, Dr. Barry Nyle (Michael Rogers). Her mind is under the influence of a sinister technology (a mysterious pyramid-shaped light). Speechlessly, she waits for her next session with the deranged Dr. Nyle. She eventually escapes her cell and journeys through the darkest reaches of the Institute – but Dr. Nyle won’t easily part with her.”

Do not watch Beyond the Black Rainbow, it has few redeemable traits. When I first saw the trailer for Beyond the Black Rainbow I was mesmerized by its 80s style and unique feel, but the film itself is a true exercise in patience. The synthy 80s soundtrack is mostly a droning buzz, and it is nearly constant throughout the movie. This may not be so annoying except that there is very little dialogue and after 15 minutes of nothing but droning synth fuzz, I was gritting my teeth – then I had to make it to the end of the movie. The plot is also pretty nonsensical, which doesn’t help.

The only thing Beyond the Black Rainbow really has going for it are the admittedly cool visuals and 80s sensibilities. It’s a film that hearkens back to films like 2001 but with a dark twist. I would swear there was a VHS-like grain added to the whole film too, despite watching it in high definition. It’s true to its roots on a visual front, I do applaud it for that. However, as a film it’s a mess. I can sit through some pretentious stuff and sometimes come out enjoying what the director was aiming for, but Beyond the Black Rainbow seems to have no aim other than the visuals and soundtrack. Not good enough. What a shame too, because even watching the trailer now makes me wish this was a better movie.

I give it 2 watch the trailer and forget the full movie exists out of 5.


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14 responses to “Beyond the Black Rainbow (11/27/12)

  1. Finally! Someone I can 100% agree with on this movie. I am so glad I didn’t spend money on watching this thing at the theater. Perhaps Cosmatos may impress us with future efforts. As for this one (with the exception of a couple of images)… Woof!

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  3. I started watching this a couple of nights back Andy and I turned it off after 10mins. I will go back to it but I think I’ll be cracking out the weed beforehand. This is a film I must be stoned for I think. 😉 I’m hoping that if im under the influence then it might actually be decent. LOL 😉

  4. Not an easy watch at all. Really trippy. I still kinda liked it though. A film you can watch while making a lasagne… and then popping out to the shops… and then chatting to your pals… and then switching off saying “Hmmmn, that was… different”.
    Cool visuals, cool soundtrack, a good central villain, but there was only an ounce of story where a kilo was required.
    Sitting down, watching it all the way through – that way lies madness.

  5. Thank you for your honesty on this! I have to say when I saw the title and then the cover I was thinking “This is not my cup of tea…” And then when I saw the first couple of lines of the plot I thought I need to stop reading this. Then your “Do not watch this” just made me laugh so I kept reading… hee hee! 🙂

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