DVD Court: Dec. 27

This week’s DVD Court

The week after Christmas doesn’t exactly see a whole lot of releases apparently, only three releases but one of them seems like one of the better movies of the year (which I still need to see):

  • Looper
  • The Words
  • Cosmopolis

The jury has rested and it seems like I may need to buy Looper…However, I did get a few movies for Christmas (Sunset Boulevard, Lawrence of Arabia box set, To Kill a Mockingbird, and Shut Up and Play the Hits – LCD Soundsystem’s final show) and a few gift cards, so maybe I’ll pick up a few more great movies (and maybe Looper).

What about you guys, did you get anything or are you going to with some holiday gift cards/gift money?

16 responses to “DVD Court: Dec. 27

  1. “Looper” is quite good. As far as Christmas gifts go, I did get a movie theater gift card. As far as DVDs or Blu-Rays go, I only got two movies and thy couldn’t be more different! The Expendables 2 and An American in Paris!!!! LOL!!!

  2. I have a birthday in a little over a month. I can only assume that’s when I’ll be adding a good chunk to my collection. As for now, the holiday raped my wallet. Raped it hard.

  3. Yeeha, Andy! I LOVE Sunset Boulevard and TKAM, god Gregory Peck is fantastic! (That’s why he’s my hypothetical Hollywood Husband… I did a whole daddy issues post a long time ago… lol!) There’s also a great cameo from John Voigt as Boo Radley (if memory serves!). Enjoy!

    You know, I don’t think I got any movies for Christmas this year, but I gave lots! 😀

  4. ‘Looper’ isn’t out till January in the UK, so I’ve asked for that for my birthday (as well as Dredd).

    Christmas, I got bought for me ‘Dark Knight Rises’ and ‘Prometheus’ – so I did all right.

      • Well, I was in the bizarre situation of having to request the 3D version (no, I’m not 3D equipped) because it contains the ‘making-of’ as well as a standard blu-ray. The regular blu-ray version doesn’t have the ‘making-of’ (at least in the UK it doesn’t).

        The film is stunning in blu-ray.

        • Ditto for me, it’s the only 3D movie I own and I have no prospect to buy a 3D TV. I haven’t made it to that making of feature but the rest of the special features I’ve seen have been amazing. Kind of a dick move to only have that feature in the most expensive version (it’s like that in the US too), but whatever.

  5. You got some good titles Andy. I too got gift cards; so far I saw The Hobbit and Les Miserables (reviews posted). I got box set of beat guest star episodes of Will & Grace. Will enjoy Tassimo drinks from my new machine as I watch guilty pleasures on streaming services.

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