Cinephile Interview series with yours truly (and more!)

Alexander at Cinemaniac Reviews has a feature called Cinephile Reviews and he’s been kind enough to interview me. So far, he’s also interviewed A Door Into Movies and Committed to Celluloid. The interviews are all really interesting and give insight into our personalities and movie tastes.

You can read my full interview with Alexander HERE.

Also, while I have your attention, I’d like to take the time and highlight something you may have seen in my sidebar. Andy over at Rorschach Reviews held an award ceremony and I was voted Blogger of the Year! Actually, I won by a single vote so that’s pretty neat too.

I have eight more reviews to write as of right now and I still have one movie left to hit my goal of 300. I’m going to try to get all the reviews done before 2013 hits, but I’m not sure if I’ll swing that. If nothing else, I’ll do something special for #300. It’s been a crazy year and a hectic nine months since I started Andy Watches Movies so thank you all for reading and here’s to next year!

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