Lake Mungo (12/26/12)

Lake MungoMovie Two Hundred Ninety Eight

In Lake Mungo, after their daughter drowns, a family begins experiencing strange happenings and investigate.

Sixteen year old Alice Palmer (Talia Zucker) drowns and after her death her family feels an eerie presence in their house. After catching several ghostly images on video, they hire a psychic to investigate further. Their son confesses to staging the whole thing but the odd occurrences continue. The family then finds that Alice had kept several secrets from them and during their investigation after her death, they learn more about their daughter than they expected.

Lake Mungo is a hard film to classify. It’s easy to write it off as a horror film or a found-footage type film but it’s neither, at least not completely. Lake Mungo is filmed like a documentary with all of Alice’s family and friends being interviewed and then showing various pictures or video clips. It’s a very effective method of storytelling but the story itself is kind of meandering and at times lacking. Lake Mungo also isn’t a scary film, though it had some moments that caused the hairs on the back of my neck to prick up.

Where Lake Mungo succeeds is its very low-key approach to telling the story of Alice Palmer. The way that the film plays out is done incredibly well and the story probably wouldn’t work if done in a traditional way. If you came into a room that was playing Lake Mungo it would be easy to mistake it for an actual documentary. It feels so real that, at times, I was kind of thinking this was an actual event that had some ghost parts added to it, almost like a dramatization. For a tiny film crew out of Australia, I was actually quite impressed.

However, when Lake Mungo is wrapping up I wasn’t fulfilled by the story. I’m not sure if the horror elements that were added aided the film or held it back. In the end, it’s not so much a ghost story as it is a story of a family trying to deal with the premature loss of their daughter. It’s an interesting film, but Lake Mungo will probably not stand out from the sea (or lake…) of similar films, especially considering its dull title.

I give it 3 actual Lake Mungo scenery out of 5.


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9 responses to “Lake Mungo (12/26/12)

  1. I liked this movie a touch more than you did but it’s always good to see something I like that not many people write about getting some press. Good one Andy! Did you watch through the credits?

    • I originally was going to rate it 4/5 but after writing about it I kind of didn’t like it as much as I thought. I actually think you recommended this to me, or at least I was swayed by your review.
      I did watch through the credits, that was pretty great but it also kind of confused the motive of the film for me. So it IS a ghost story, no it isn’t, well it still is, no no not really, BUT WAIT! I did like the twist, though.

  2. Hey man just dropped by to letcha know that you’re getting a blogging award tomorrow. It’ll be posted on my blog tomorrow. It doesn’t fit the theme of your blog as well as your other awards, but I had to pass on the award to 7 people and your blog deserves a blog for anything, really. Anyone who watches as many movies as you deserves to get an award for eating, sleeping, and anything in between. Lol. Just thought I’d letcha know

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