DVD Court – Jan. 15

Here is this week’s DVD Court where we discuss the following films:

  • Taken 2
  • The Possession
  • To Rome with Love

Pretty boring week for me, but maybe you guys have other opinions on those movies. Or maybe you’re picking other stuff up this week? I’m liking the Criterion releases this week, I’m sure I’ll be getting those. What about you guys?

8 responses to “DVD Court – Jan. 15

  1. I have a special Al Jolson Jazz Singer on DVD or BluRay too. At work don’t recall which. It has scads of special commentaries, publicity stills and such.

    As for DVD court this week I’ve only seen Woody Allen’s To Rome with Love. It was an odd mixture of stories. Only the Woody Allen story worked for me.

  2. The Criterion editions are impressive… expensive to import though. That’s why I’ve only got a couple – Solaris (1972) and… y’know what, off the top of me head I can’t think what the other is… Oh, I think it’s Armageddon.

    Nearest we’ve got in the UK is the Eureka series. I’ve got M, Metropolis, Silent Running, Frau Im Mond, Testament Of Dr Mabuse – all on blu, plus a few more of Fritz Lang’s on DVD. Eureka has done a superb job putting these editions together.

  3. Yeh, that’s them, Eureka Masters Of Cinema editions. I’ve got Metropolis & Testament Of Dr Mabuse in the steelbook case. I love the booklets, proper old school, loads of info. Come to think of it, looking at my list above, Frau Im Mond is a DVD not blu…

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